Everything You Need To Know About Professional Translation Services

If you're planning to expand your business into foreign markets, professional translation services will become an essential resource and marketing tool.

If you’re planning to expand your business into foreign markets, professional translation services will become an essential resource and marketing tool. As your business expands globally, so does the need for new tools and infrastructure to meet the growing demands of customers in markets who may not speak the language of your home country.

As you enter foreign markets, you will attract customers who speak different languages. As a result, you will need to translate branding and marketing messages across key customer-facing touchpoints, including your marketing (e.g., website) and sales channels.

It may be appealing to use free Google translation services to cut costs, but the results nearly always end in disaster. While Google Translate may work for translation of simple words, there are some technical operations and terminologies a business may want to translate which the service does not translate appropriately. Instead of relaying the intended message, it may confuse the intended audience.


Machine translation is not suited for most business needs

Translation does not just involve changing a word from one language to the next. Besides, some words may have more than one meaning when translated into another language, while others may be offensive.

Machine translation word choice relies on the simplicity of a language. A certain word or sentence may not translate to its appropriate context. Content that is full of errors can easily deter potential customers from doing business with you. Professional human translation is better suited to meet business needs.


Four business benefits of professional translator services

There are numerous benefits of using professional translators, including:


1. Adequate subject-matter knowledge

Does your industry use technical words to describe products and services.? If so, Google Translate may not know these terms. Therefore, translating them may be a problem. Most professional translators are specialists in specific areas. When you opt for one that has adequate knowledge of your specialization, you have a higher chance of achieving near perfect results. Translation specialists are better equipped to understand your business needs and exactly how words should be translated.


2. Content is translated in correct context

Do not hire translators who rely on trial and error tactics or Google. Professionals know how to keep translations consistent and within their proper context. Context ensures that readers are informed about why the content was written and how it was written. Translation professionals ensure the translation is in the correct context for the intended readers. They know uninteresting content without proper context is useless. They also possess SEO skills, which mean they do not merely translate words mechanically.


3. Timely translations

In business, it is important to meet content deadlines to ensure marketing and sales efforts are launched in a timely manner. Professionals understand the importance of timelines and deadlines. They can advise you on estimated lead times, so you know what to expect and when. They also understand all of the internal processes they should follow to produce high-quality translations.


4. Professionals work with transparency

When you hire professional translators, you should know what to expect. A professional translator will set clear expectations on when work will be completed and how it will be delivered. This leaves little to no room for miscommunications in the middle of the project and ensures both parties are satisfied. Streamlined processes are important when you’re managing large translation projects. It’s important to ensure there’s no confusion between what is promised and what is delivered.


Marketing translation and the importance of SEO

Professional translation services are important for establishing a welcoming customer experience in new markets. Clients feel comfortable when they identify website content that is useful to them.

Startups and small businesses should ensure the translation professionals they hire have adequate SEO skills to enhance website visibility on search engines and at the same time ensuring all content is culturally acceptable. Professionals with SEO skills can ensure your content is searchable and easily found by using the right keywords in the desired language.

Marketing translators, in particular, know how to use persuasive language to convince readers of the importance of an offer in their native language, which can result in more clients. If you need to translate content into several languages, it is best to hire an agency with country-specific specialists that can help with the different languages. On the other hand, translation in one language can be effectively completed by a freelancer.

If you need high-quality translation services, don’t cut corners. Opt for human translators in lieu of Google Translate. This ensures reliability and the best possible results.


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