How To Grow Your Brand Organically Using Facebook (With Zero Investment)

Starting a business is exciting, but becoming a known expert and landing ideal clients is not always easy – which can quickly curb your enthusiasm.

Juliette Stapleton, a.k.a. The Queen Of Visibility | Source: Courtesy Photo
Juliette Stapleton, a.k.a. The Queen Of Visibility | Source: Courtesy Photo

Starting a business is exciting, but getting recognized as an expert and landing quality clients is not always easy, and this reality can quickly curb your enthusiasm.

Getting found by those who need your products and services is essential, but what can an aspiring entrepreneur do, especially if they are a service provider or a coach when the budget is limited, and no cash is coming in just yet to hire a marketing team or even invest in ads, both online or offline?

I found myself in this situation when I started my digital marketing agency in 2012. I created a Facebook page where I shared some industry articles and advertisement-style posts about my business. I explored SEO and blogging to get my tiny website to rank better in Google. I joined LinkedIn and tried to be active within some of the small business groups.

I am sure this scenario is all too familiar for many entrepreneurs who feel stuck in a disempowering reality that is far from what they imagined life would be when they started their businesses. It feels suffocating, doesn’t it?

But as the late Prince, a.k.a. “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince,” once said: “I am here to tell you: there’s something else!”

You see those dreams you had about creating a life of choice and freedom are real and achievable, even if you have no budget and are not known as anyone “important.” You have the power to do so, and you probably do not even realize you are sitting on a gold mine.


Grow your visibility and attract ideal clients

There are three crucial steps you can take to grow your visibility, become known as a go-to resource, and attract ideal clients. This is what I did when my patience ran out in 2017. I decided to reclaim control in my life and business.

Here’s a look at one of the best-kept social media marketing secrets that guru’s rarely speak of – and it pertains to leveraging your personal Facebook profile to build your business.


1. Start with a simple connection

The only thing keeping you from mega-super-stardom: You need to be discovered. And if you’re hanging all of your hope on this random chance, you’ll likely find yourself disappointed. If you want to be discovered, you need to get active. Give, and be re-given is the approach. Get involved in social media conversations, leave comments on other people’s posts, appreciate them, support them, and confirm that there is a human behind the profile picture.

Connect with people authentically, just as if they were a new acquaintance in your offline world. Utilize Facebook Messenger, for example. As you do this, you will get much more clear about the type of people in your audience and how to attract ideal connections. You will get to know people much better; and what they think they are missing, so you can offer them a solution.

This is the groundwork that will help you create content that speaks to their hearts. Through that emotional connection, people are more likely to value you and open their wallets to show their appreciation.


2. Create empowering social content

Conversations are paramount, but we simply do not have enough time in the day to talk to everyone privately. Instead, we need to create a more latent way to stay connected.

You need to increase your visibility in your audience’s newsfeed. The only way to achieve this organically (i.e., without paid promotion) is to produce consistent content that speaks from the heart, and positions you not just as an authority, but a likable human being they enjoy being around.

The best way to create compelling content is to offer various types of content. Post short and snappy content to drive engagement (e.g., questions, jokes, and opinions). Utilize call-to-action content that requires a quick reply (e.g., with an emoji, hashtag, or my favorite, a GIF).

Do not shy away from posting selfies and high quality images of yourself to accompany longer posts when you share your worldview or expertise. You want to create a strong association between your writing and your face. Photographs of you are the best tool to accomplish this aim.

Create some Facebook Live videos too. Yes. Facebook Live offers a great platform to truly let your audience experience your unique energy (that sometimes sells so well, you do not even have to!).


3. Build your authority with social proof

The last but the most crucial element to increasing your visibility as a go-to authority in your niche is to position yourself as someone worth following.

Share client success stories of your clients. Take screenshots of public comments with praise (you can also ask for permission to screenshot private messages). Occasionally, create posts to share a specific expert tip and don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. The more you share, the more you are seen as someone who knows their stuff. As a result, more people will want to work with you.

But that is just the beginning. You need some proof that the rest of the world sees you as an expert. Thankfully, this is not difficult to achieve.

People tend to give extra weight to people who are interviewed and published. I used to think it was easier said than done until I started doing it. Trust me, your audience’s perception of you will transform within weeks if you dedicate your focus and time to build your authority through speaking and writing.


Massive visibility will not happen overnight, not even over a couple of months. But it will happen over 6 to 12 months if you are consistent and focused on these three areas.

If you are genuinely serious about creating the business of your dreams, you will start implementing my strategy the moment you finish reading this article. And if not, you will probably question it. The choice is yours!


Juliette Stapleton, a.k.a. The Queen Of Visibility, is a thought leader, author, and host of her own visibility show “Show Up! Stand Out!” She is a go-to visibility strategist for personal brands with thousands of students and clients from over 30 countries. Juliette is recognized for her authentic strategies to be seen and grow your online presence using the Facebook personal profile as a center stage. Her strategies are strictly organic and focused on building real relationships with other users while showing up as someone worth following and building authority as a go-to name in their niche.


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