Startup Therapy: 7 Ways To Cope With Stress, Overwhelm And Burnout

Vinay Saranga M.D., a psychiatrist and founder of Saranga Comprehensive Psychiatry, says there's a better way to cope with stress, overwhelm, and burnout.

Doing more with less is an obstacle for many entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, it’s taken a toll on productivity and has even led to stress, overwhelm and burnout in the workplace. So, how can you be more productive while eliminating the downsides?

Vinay Saranga M.D. is a psychiatrist and founder of Saranga Comprehensive Psychiatry, sees many clients in this situation. He’s shared seven tips with YFS Magazine to help you better cope:


1. Schedule email time

E-mail inboxes are a big anxiety trigger. Eliminate unnecessary stress by setting time aside to check your inbox so you can stay focused on the tasks in front of you. A lot of people check email three times daily with great success. It’s also a good idea to clean out your inbox from time to time. Just seeing all those old emails is overwhelming not to mention slowing your system down.


2. Set a productivity timer

Approach a large task by establishing small steps to avoid overwhelm. If possible, work in 30-minute to one-hour intervals. Set a timer to change pace and take a break to refresh. Taking small breaks throughout the day will give you maximum concentration, which will make you more productive.


3. Stop multitasking

Multitasking is one of the greatest lies of all time. Sure! On the surface, it may seem like you are getting more done. However, the more you take on, the more quality starts to decline. Make a plan to tackle one task at a time. You’ll make more progress and increase the quality of your work by focusing on one task until completion.

Photo: Arren Mills, Unsplash
Photo: Arren Mills, YFS Magazine


4. Clean your workspace

Organization and productivity go hand-in-hand. Studies show a messy environment heightens stress levels in the workplace. It might seem like more work to create a system of organization and put things in their place, but in the long run, this will save you time, help you get your work done and reduce the stress of always having to spend time searching for things.


5. Learn to say ‘No’

We must learn to say no to others and yes to ourselves. Helping others is great! But not when it causes us to stress trying to complete our tasks. People will still like you even if you say no from time-to-time. Learn to take on work at a steady pace and delegate tasks, where you can.


6. Eliminate distractions

Designate a time and place for leisure, fun, and games. Learn how to turn it off and concentrate when it’s time to get your work done. Save browsing the web and checking social media for breaks or once you complete a task. If noise and people around you cause distractions, find a quiet place to work where you won’t be interrupted.


7. Clean-out your mental inbox

One of the biggest productivity killers for entrepreneurs is letting your personal life bleed over into your professional life. We all have things we are dealing with in our personal lives, some more so than others. Of course, some things can’t wait, but generally speaking, do your best to take care of everything that requires your attention before heading to the office. Keep the two as separate as possible.


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