5 Industries That Can Benefit From SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has become a valuable tool for businesses to use to break through the online clutter and communicate directly with their customers.

SMS marketing has become a valuable tool for businesses who want to break through the online clutter and communicate directly with customers, staff members, and stakeholders.

Over the past decade, using SMS gateway providers to send mass text messages to target audiences has been shown to improve customer relationships, increase response rates, and improve ROI. Not sure how your business can capitalize on this highly effective form of communication?

Here’s a look at five industries that benefit from SMS marketing and how it can be applied successfully.


1. Health & Beauty

There is no doubt that healthcare is one of the most significant industries in our modern society. Therefore, businesses must be able to communicate with consumers in an easy, quick, and effective manner.

Medical clinics – including GP’s, hospitals, dentists, optometrists, physiotherapists, and all other health practitioners, can use mass text messaging to send appointment reminders, diagnostic test results, prescription alerts, and follow-up bookings and advice.

This is not only convenient and effective for consumers, but also reduces the number of missed appointments. Missed appointments are said to cost the US healthcare system an estimated $150 billion annually. Similarly, text messaging is shown to reduce the number of no-shows by over thirty percent.

The same goes for the beauty industry. For example, spas and salons can use text messaging to organize and confirm appointments, as well as send promotions with discount codes, or even regular beauty tips to keep their customers engaged.


2. Hospitality

If you run a boutique hotel, Airbnb property, restaurant, or café, no matter the size, you can benefit from SMS marketing services. Text messaging can be used throughout the customer journey of a hotel stay. Even before their journey begins, you can use simple two-way communication to confirm bookings and send travelers important reminders and accommodation details.

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During their stay, you can send personalized recommendations for things to do, or use SMS and a custom app for customer service communications. SMS messaging can also be used to check out, provide feedback on the experience, and to send promotions for future stays.

Much like hotels, restaurants, and cafes, can use text messaging to organize reservations and personalize the customer experience by sending follow-up messages to patrons. For example, after customers leave a restaurant, businesses can ask how their experience was and to leave a rating.


3. Retail

Retail is one of the most popular industries for SMS marketing. There are a plethora of ways retailers can use mass text messaging to connect with their customers. The key is to send timely messages and not bombard audiences with hundreds of invasive messages.

Clever retailers use SMS marketing to send discount codes and coupons for upcoming campaigns, specifically to customers who are opted-in to membership or loyalty programs. You can also send reminders for certain promotions, such as when new items are in stock, or even re-market specific products after a customer has made a purchase – personalization is key.

Retailers can also use SMS communication to organize staff rosters and send purchase or delivery information to customers and stakeholders in the supply chain.


4. Travel

Text messaging for travel companies is essential, particularly for airlines and travel agencies. With the power of instant messaging, you can confirm flight statuses, particularly for unexpected delays and weather notifications.

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The travel industry can also use SMS messaging to fill empty seats by targeting frequent flyers with cheaper tickets – in turn, maximizing profitability.

Other industry players such as taxis, ride-share companies, and public transport systems can use SMS messaging to connect with customers, provide discounts, and send alerts when transport has arrived.

No matter what travel-related service you provide, SMS marketing is a useful way to share valuable reminders and gain feedback and insights from loyal customers.


5. Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations have benefited massively from employing mass text message services. Sending text messages to target audiences can increase charity event attendance and sales by sending reminders and promotional material to opt-in subscribers.

Additionally, SMS messaging can be used internally to improve the communication between staff members and volunteers to ensure events run smoothly.

There are plenty of successful case studies that illustrate how non-profit organizations use SMS marketing to increase fundraising and donations. For instance, customers are more likely to donate when the process is quick and simple. Therefore, a text to donate campaign can dramatically increase non-profit campaign metrics. The Red Cross foundation helped raise funds for thousands of people who were affected by the Haiti earthquake in 2010, using a text to donate campaign – raising over $43 million.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool

It is clear that when done correctly, SMS marketing has become one of the most powerful tools to connect businesses with customers and stakeholders alike. Regardless of your industry, you can capitalize on the growth of mass text message communication and reap the benefits.


Tommy Wyher is a marketer and business consultant located in Tampa, Florida. He is the founder of Husky Marketing, based in Lutz, Florida.


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