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Beauty Brand Younique Aims To Empower Women With New Blog

Beauty brands looking to rule on a global scale follow a customer-centric model that intersects both digital and physical channels.

As a direct sales beauty company that markets and sells high-quality cosmetics almost exclusively through the use of social media, Younique has pioneered virtual parties to bridge the world of social media and traditional home party business model. By providing interactive tools and inviting “presenters” to tap into their resources and personal connections, the beauty product company aims to empower women across the globe.

Beauty brands looking to rule on a global scale follow a customer-centric model that intersects both digital and physical channels. Younique has created a hybrid niche which has proven successful and lucrative for the company and presenters alike.

One of the most notable features of Younique’s value proposition is its variety of cruelty-free products. Recent new product launches and a new Fast Start program for new Younique presenters keeps the brand fresh and relevant among consumers.

Yet, relevance also means creating a plan to connect with your audience in a deeper way. Younique plans to accomplish this by launching a new blog dedicated to empowering women and making sure they feel beautiful on the inside and out.


Helping women see their true beauty

The power of makeup goes deeper than what you see on the surface. Many women feel an extra boost of confidence when they find a product that helps highlight their favorite features. There’s nothing like a perfectly lined eye or a bold lip to make a woman feel her best.

While the team at Younique aims to ensure their products make an impact in beauty routines, they want women to validate women beyond their outward appearance. Every customer is unique in their own way, and Younique wants everyone to explore what makes them extraordinary. The perfect lipstick color can help a woman express their personal sense of style, or go deeper in giving them self-confidence. In this new blog, Younique will feature a variety of topics along these lines focused on empowering their female readers.


Plans for Younique’s new beauty blog destination

Younique’s new blog will focus on the company’s core values. They believe every woman has a unique gift, and they want to help readers identify and explore theirs. The content space will feature articles related to Younique products and offer content designed to validate women. A few of the topics you can expect the Younique blog to cover include:

  • Beauty tips
  • Product information
  • How-to guides
  • Mindful awareness
  • Strength building
  • Successful females
  • Women empowerment; more

Younique’s new blog aims to become a coveted beauty destination where every woman can find relatable beauty content.


What can presenters expect from Younique’s new blog?

Younique has many dedicated customers across the country, and it’s likely every community has at least one presenter ready to introduce people to Younique’s beauty products. While great beauty products practically sell themselves; even the best presenters look for more resources and tools to help run their businesses.

This new blog will share helpful advice for presenters along with stories from presenters themselves. The content will highlight direct sales advice that has helped presenters take their Younique sales to the next level. From building stronger customer relationships to advice on making that first organic sale, the blog will feature content to empower every presenter to create their perfect business.


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