Eco-Beauty Brand Sienna Leads the Way In Vegan And Aluminium-Free Nail Polish

In recent years, brands have increased investment in environmental credentials as shoppers are increasingly drawn to ethical brands.

In recent years, brands have increased investment in improving its environmental credentials as shoppers are increasingly drawn to ethical brands. However some brands were always ahead of the pack.

Photo: Danielle Egan, Sienna Founder | Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Danielle Egan, Sienna Founder | Source: Courtesy Photo

One such eco-friendly leader is Sienna, an international trailblazer in eco-beauty and nail luxury; committed to high quality and safety standards with a sustainability-focused, 100% vegan and cruelty free line of nail polishes and nail care products.

The Byron Bay nail brand, founded by Danielle Egan at home in her lounge room in 2013, was born from the desire to create sustainable products that can be just as good and affordable as their traditional counterparts that continue to use aluminium, chemicals, microplastic, and other harmful ingredients in their products.


How to market luxe, non-toxic nail polish

The word sustainable gets tossed around a lot these days when it comes to a company’s values. Few brands can live up to the high expectations of green marketing. However, Sienna stands for more than sustainability and ethics. The company also strives to upend the beauty industry’s standards of misleading advertising.

According to a Sienna representative, they avoid dodgy marketing tactics and rely solely on tested results and evidence when marketing their products.

Source: Sienna.co

“You won’t see us pushing our products as child safe or 7-free or even organic. First of all, in order to be child safe, the nail polish has to be explicitly tested and meet specific requirements. As many of us know, the label ‘organic’ is leaden with both expectations and misunderstandings. Aside from requiring certification to prove that your ingredients are all organically farmed, there are also various labels that infer different meanings of the ‘organic’ label.”

For instance, ‘made with organic ingredients’ is not the same as ‘100% organic’, even though manufacturers might like to continue blurring the lines in hopes that their customers do not understand the distinction between the two. It is misleading advertising strategies like these that Sienna condemns.

Lastly, the gimmick of being 4-free, 7-free, or 21-free is nothing but a scheme to mislead beauty consumers into thinking a product is superior, without having a superior formula.

This is where Sienna differs from other nail brands, by offering the cleanest natural nail polish on the market. Formulated without harmful ingredients such as benzophenone-1 and formaldehyde among other things, they are also the first nail polish to ditch microplastic or glitter in their polishes as microplastic is devastating to the environment in spite of its size.

“Micro plastics do not break down in nature and are a common product that ends up in our oceans killing wildlife and sea creatures through ingestion,” acording to Sienna. The nail brand insists that beauty doesn’t have to come with the high price of polluting or causing harm to our environment or at the cost of our health.

Many nail polish contain nanoparticles and Sienna goes above and beyond to ensure nanoparticles do not find their way into the formula or colors. According to Sienna, “Nanoparticles can get into the body through the skin, lungs and digestive system. This may help create ‘free radicals’ which can cause cell damage and damage to the DNA.” Research shows free radicals are a known carcinogenic compound and can cause premature aging.


Consumers prefer beauty brands that keep sustainability in mind

Sienna’s nail polish is certified by the Leaping Bunny program and internationally recognized as cruelty-free. The eco-beauty brand is also certified vegan, non-toxic and a B Corp, which means Sienna has made a commitment to meeting the highest standards of positive environmental and social impact, and has also committed to remaining transparent and accountable on their business model.

Source: Sienna.co

When it comes to packaging, their sustianability core values are not overlooked. Sienna nail polish bottle caps are produced with non-native weed timber. The repurposing of timber helps local rainforests regenerate, reduces waste, and ensures that it is biodegradable.

It’s apparent that when brands hold themselves to a higher standard, accountability will follow. Transparent marketing and branding reinforces Sienna’s stand-out products. Consumers who prfer eco friendly products can quickly reduce or eliminate plastic shopping plastic waste by partnering with sustainable brands.

A few generations ago it seemed the world’s resources were infinite, and people needed only to access them to create successful businesses. Today, we know how false that is. We now know that rather than finding ways to exploit new resources, consumers and companies must focus on finding sustainable ways to grow, while protecting the planet and the resources we have left.

Simply put, a thoughtful company can help you be a more thoughtful shopper.


Nail polish and nail care for everyone

Aside from ensuring sustainability practices are carried out from sourcing raw materials to production, the brand is an ally in representation and inclusivity –– offering multiple skin color variations on their website to ensure people of all ethnicities can see how their nail polish would look on their skin.

Finding a shade that complements skin tone is a key consumer need. Seinna’s thoughtfulness to include dark to light skin tones on their website reinforces a high priority of ethnic and cultural awareness.

For example, Seinna considers certain requirements cultures places in the products they use, such as being wudu-friendly for those of Muslim faith. Overall, they cater to a wide market of beauty consumers.


Sienna’s earth-friendly agenda is a beauty industry stand-out

Sienna isn’t just a premium nail polish brand. The brand is known for offering the cleanest nail polish on the market, ensuring no exploitation occurs during production, staying free from child-labour and greatly offsetting any carbon footprint that is generated during manufacturing.

Investing in brands, like Sienna, that double down on an earth-friendly agenda is a small yet powerful way to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle while stocking up some much-needed beauty essentials in the process.


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