3 Ways Law Firms Can Compete On Client Experience

Here are three ways law firms can compete on client experience in an increasingly competitive and automated legal services market.

Client experience is a somewhat nebulous concept that covers many things, including how your clients perceive the level of care they receive from you, how easy and convenient it is to do business with you and their impression of your professionalism and expertise. With that in mind, below are three ways law firms can compete on client experience in an increasingly competitive and automated legal services market.


Improve client onboarding

The onboarding process is where your firm shows clients how much you value their time and convenience. From the moment a new client signs a contract, the onboarding process has begun. How you introduce a new client to the firm, how you integrate them into your digital infrastructure, the kind, quality and quantity of outreach you do, and the channels of communication that are available to stay in touch while you begin working on their account all have a major impact on a client’s perception of you.


Revamp document management

Document management also has an outsized impact on client experience because it affects, among other things, how a client can view, manage and access the various documents that are part of the legal services you provide them. Having features like an electronic signature for legal documents set up, for instance, is important because it makes it possible for clients to review and sign documents without having to come into your practice. This is great for clients on vacation or for whom a commute to your practice or to see you in person would be onerous.

Firms that make an effort to automate and digitize their document management also allow lawyers and paralegals to access the necessary documentation quicker, providing speedier service, which can make a firm stand out to especially busy clients.


Prioritize content marketing

Once you have brought a client on board and have begun working on their account, you need to show them on an ongoing basis that you are worth their business. One of the best ways to do this is to showcase your knowledge and expertise to them through content marketing. Email outreach is a good way to accomplish this as it lets you send content like your expert commentary on and insight into proposed or actual legislative changes that might affect them or your legal niche more broadly. Starting a blog is a good way to produce regular content for your clients and as a marketing strategy. If a client feels that the law firm they have hired is more plugged into and on top of industry trends and changes, it will put their minds at ease.


Final thoughts

Law is becoming more competitive year after year. There is an abundance of lawyers and practices out there vying for the attention of clients and an increasing amount of legal work being done by algorithms and new technology. What this means is that clients will increasingly choose where to take their business based on the client experience they get. Keep the above considerations and recommendations in mind and make your firm the one that stands out to clients for superior convenience, expertise and treatment.


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