How to Take Breaks That Boost Your Productivity

Here's a look at three fun and engaging ways to take breaks that boost your productivity and keep your mind sharp.

Productivity has been one of the mantras throughout the pandemic as people have transitioned to working from home, and many have struggled to deal with the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic. It’s easy to let burnout creep in and disrupt your ability to create high-quality work. There are plenty of things you can do throughout the day, however, you’ll want to stave off drops in cognitive function and keep your output high.

Here’s a look at three fun and engaging ways to take breaks that boost your productivity and keep your mind sharp.


Play word games

A great way to use your work breaks to boost productivity once you get back to business is to play brain-stimulating games and particularly word games. Games like Scrabble, for instance, which force you to rely on your verbal intelligence to compete for points by making words out of tiles, works your brain out while having fun. This combination of entertainment and mental workout can help limber up your mind and re-engage your critical faculties after hours of focus and concentration. If you are new to Scrabble and are struggling to come up with winning combinations, there are word unscrambler tools out there that help you find those combinations using the tiles you have been given.



An overlooked but incredibly important part of keeping your mind sharp and productivity levels high is hydration. A well-hydrated brain is not only crucial for mental function, but you need it to survive. Your brain cells require water and various other elements to function optimally, and when you are dehydrated, your brain is not working as efficiently. If you make hydration a part of your break, you will return to work with a brain that is much more ready to reengage. A water break might mean a trip to the kitchen or water cooler to fill up your glass or bottle or a stroll to the corner store for a bottle and a snack, exercising your legs in the process.


Head to the gym

If you live and/or work close to a gym and you have a membership, a great way to set yourself up for better productivity following your break is to head to the gym for a workout. An increasing number of companies are acutely aware of this, and some have even begun paying employees to exercise during the workday. Exercise boosts your energy levels, can help combat feelings of depression and anxiety, can boost your memory and learning powers and improve your concentration.


Final thoughts

Long periods of sustained work and focus can burn you out, which is why it is important to incorporate breaks into your day. When done right, your breaks will not only give you a chance to decompress a bit and take your mind off work, but they can actually better prepare your mind for a more seamless and productive transition back into work mode. Keep the above productivity-boosting work breaks in mind, and use all of your work day, including your down time, wisely.


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