McNeill Signs CEO Shares Key To Building Client Relationships

Jason Ditkofsky admits the road is not always smooth when you're running your own business, but this key tip can propel your business relationships forward.

Jason Ditkofsky, President of McNeill Signs has been excelling in the commercial signage industry by providing innovative design solutions and a customer centered experience. Ditkofsky sheds light on how his company has taken over the competition and what strategies new business owners can employ to help with their own success, regardless of the market.

Ditkofsky originally was the owner of several sign franchises. While this provided a lucrative opportunity, he soon saw the ceiling when it came to growth and knew that if he wanted to expand further then he would need to make a change.

CEO of McNeill Signs Jason Ditkofsky
Photo: Jason Ditkofsky, CEO of McNeill Signs | Source: Courtesy Photo

In order to scale his profit margins, Ditkofsky knew he would need to start his own company. Since his background was already in the sign industry, he purchased Channel Letter USA in 2017. “I also saw that there was a gap in the market when it came to installations,” Ditkofsky explains.

“I may as well finish the job and control the process from start to finish.” When a new opportunity presented itself, Ditkofsky jumped on board as a partner with McNeill Signs. McNeill Signs soon overtook the industry, offering custom design, signage manufacturing, permit acquisition, and installation. This made the company a full-service signage operation, which was appealing to many client bases that were previously never offered such services.

McNeill Signs has worked with local businesses, as well as larger corporations such as Starbucks and CVS. The most recently worked on the signage for InterMiami’s DRV PINK Stadium, the BB&T Arena, and have several confirmed projects with Amazon.

In order to build these powerful relationships, Ditkofsky puts emphasis on having strong organizational and planning abilities. “Plan so that you have a road map of how to proceed, but mostly so that you can take advantage of situations when they show up,” Ditkofsky adds.

When it comes down to any aspect of your business, you will want to have a plan. What is even more important than having a well-thought out and organized plan; having a way to execute it. “Regardless of how much you plan, you will be faced with the unexpected from time to time,” he shared.

We are all only human and it is just not humanly possible to have a plan thought out for absolutely every scenario. That is why, as a business owner, you will need to be flexible and have the ability to adapt quickly to change. This will allow you to put your best foot forward when you are developing relationships with current and potential clients. Without proper organizational skills, you risk not providing a quality product or experience for your client. Proper planning is the foundation for all your future growth, including the growth of your business relationships.

Jason Ditkofsky admits that the road is not always the smoothest when you’re running your own business, but that strategizing organizational plans can help propel your business relationships forward and be an important tool for scaling a company. Ditkofsky mentions that McNeill Signs will continue to uphold their commitment to the community, as well as their unmatched customer experience and high-quality signage products.


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