Key Business Trends In Tech and Communications

As the digital world continues to accelerate, which technology and communications trends matter most for startups and small businesses?

As the digital world continues to accelerate, which technology and communications trends matter most for startups and small businesses? There are many trends that are relevant to competitive advantage and technology investments. However, there are other key trends that may not represent the coolest, most bleeding-edge technologies. But they’re the ones that drive business operations, improve customer engagement, boost customer service strategies, improve remote working, and help companies leverage mission critical data.

Unifying and underlying them all is an array of new product and service functionalities that reinforce a strong foundation for advanced business communications.



Chatbots automate customer engagement. They play a significant role in the way businesses connect with their customers, manage marketing campaigns for lead generation, automate payments, and more. According to Chatbot Magazine, “67% of millennials in the US reported that they would likely purchase products and services from brands with chatbots.”

Businesses large and small recognize that chatbots offer multiple communication advantages, including:

  • convenient 24/7 customer engagement
  • reduced stress of customer service teams by lightening workloads and handling simple and common customer inquiries
  • data gathering and efficient lead generation

Ultimately, on-demand messaging systems help companies increase profits while providing customers a higher level of satisfaction.


Messaging Platforms

Integrating messenger platforms into a customer service strategy allows customers to communicate with your business on their terms. Customers are increasingly more interested in contacting companies directly through dedicated messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business.

Messenger platforms makes interacting with customers easy by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

A high-touch level of interactivity helps businesses offer personalized and quick responses and review customer feedback first-hand. In this way, direct communications through messaging platforms can drive product development, marketing, customer service and more.


VOIP phone services

As remote work and work from home trends prove their staying power, advanced and dependable communications tools become a key investment for businesses. For example, state of the art internet phone services for business and home is a vital component for companies with a growing remote workforce.

The telephone has come a long way since Alexander Graham Bell’s first invention, which reached the patent office mere hours before a similar invention by Elisha Gray.

Today’s digital phone services have opened up possibilities for businesses of all sizes. Now, smaller businesses can benefit from the same features that boost operations of larger companies.

As more employees work from home, companies are providing high-tech options to stay in touch. For example, Ooma home phone services allow employees to be productive no matter where they work.



Analytics is the process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating significant patterns in data. Companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of analytics investments to drive operational efficiencies and improve marketing strategies.

We’ve come a long way since the adoption of Excel, which is still the most widely used data analytics software in the world. Yet, with the emergence of big data, new and more robust analytics tools have become critical to understanding business data and making it actionable.

Analytics tools are effective and affordable, if not free. Analytics employs data and math to answer tough business questions, discover new client relationships, predict unknown outcomes and automate decisions.


Cutting-edge communications keep businesses plugged into consumers’ wants and needs in order to meet them. These advanced systems increase profit margins as well as customer satisfaction so everybody wins.


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