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Recruiting Global Talent? Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Searching for and hiring talented candidates across the globe is nuanced. This is where an immigration lawyer can help.

If your business has global expansion plans, hiring international workers to work local, either physically or remotely, is a key priority. Conversely, sometimes finding the best and brightest talent in a niche industry requires a global search. In either case, hiring people internationally can give your company a refreshed synergy, innovation, diversity, specialized expertise, and more.

With the competition for talent getting even tougher, more and more companies see the need to open up their hiring strategies to international candidates. As a result, you will need to seek advice and assistance with a wide range of immigration issues.

Searching for and hiring talented candidates across the globe is nuanced. This is where an immigration lawyer can help.

Here’s a look at four benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer to assist with global expansion or international recruitment for a local office.


1. Ease the work visa process

If a foreign worker is hired to work in the United States, he or she must have a work visa. The problem is that work visas are classified based on the type of work a person is going to do and getting that classification right. Unfortunately, this easy-to-sound problem might become a roadblock in the recruiting process for many businesses.

If you want to eliminate the hassle of obtaining work visas for foreign workers, a professional immigration lawyer will understand different classifications, when they apply, and how to get it done. That means you and your foreign employees don’t have to worry about minor details and possible rejection.


2. Make intra-company transfers hassle-free

Some companies have employees in different countries. If you want to transfer an employee from a foreign country to your U.S. office, they’ll need a work visa first.

It’s wise to seek out professional help to facilitate the intra-company transfer process. Total Law legal experts, for example, can help your employee acquire an L-type visa in a short period so they can get to work asap.


3. Simplify hosting foreign business visitors

If you run an international company, it’s feasible that you might host foreign business visitors for a meeting or executive training. No matter what, foreign business visitors must have a temporary visa. When acquiring a temporary visa as a business visitor, the application procedure will differ from applying for a work visa. A professional immigration lawyer can simplify the process.


4. Stay current on immigration laws

Laws change as time passes. It’s important to be aware of these law changes as a business owner. If you intend to recruit foreign talent, it is critical to learn about those changes.

When you hire an immigration lawyer you don’t have to worry about such changes, fee structures, time limits, etc. An immigration lawyer can assist you with all the legal advice you need and the latest law changes law to keep your employees and business above board.


Final thoughts

The immigration process can be different from country to country and it’s difficult to keep up with various laws. In the end, it’s wise to reach out to an immigration lawyer or agency when hiring workers from abroad.


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