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Here’s Why Casino Apps Are Increasing in Popularity

Casino apps are a promising market. For example, publisher Moon Active grossed over $49 million so far in 2022 from Android users alone.

Casino apps are tremendously popular. Publisher Moon Active grossed over $49 million so far in 2022 from Android users alone. It’s a promising market showing exponential growth every year. It’s still not as much as online gambling as a whole, but it’s becoming increasingly popular.

When users play casino games online, they can use a website, or download the casino’s app for a more personalized experience. Not every operator offers this service, but it makes all the difference between average and excellent gaming platforms.

In this article, you’ll learn five reasons why people will always prefer downloading casino apps rather than playing on a mobile browser.


Five reasons for casino apps’ popularity

1. Increased security

Browsing an online casino and playing online through your mobile browser is perfectly fine if you use a trusted website and if you know how to protect yourself when using a smartphone. However, resorting to a downloadable app will provide more security because you won’t be browsing publicly like a fish in the ocean.

Moreover, you should always download apps from official services like the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. We may add that you should only download a Google Play Store app if you can also find it on the App Store.

Google’s platform is open to everyone, and instances of scammy apps are legion, but Apple is much more strict on who can publish on their platform because they take fees here and there. It’s an excellent deterrent for scammers, who’ll have more free range on Android systems anyway.


2. Exclusive promotional offers

Casinos know how to attract players, and there’s no better way than offering something they want. When an online casino has a mobile app, it’ll often feature an exclusive incentive that players can only redeem when they sign up with this app. It can be worth checking these out because mobile incentives can prove more generous than regular offers with lower wagering requirements and more games you can play.

It’s also a matter of convenience because many offers will be sent to you by SMS, so you can copy your bonus code and immediately start the app to enjoy the rewards.


3. Optimized games

Mobile apps can adapt the games to your device. Websites can do it too, but it’s less efficient. The app knows your phone’s specifications, and the fact that it can store data on your mobile device will allow it to load games more quickly.

Moreover, even with HTML5, some games can have a hard time adapting. The app will do better if you own a device with an unusual screen. It’s the same thing as when you play a YouTube video on Chrome compared to when you use YouTube’s app. The buttons will be placed the way they should, and swiping through the game library won’t inadvertently bring you to the previous page.


4. Mobile-only titles

When an online casino already offers thousands of games, what more can they add to make you want to download their app? Mobile-only titles, of course!

The biggest casino brands will either contact third-party providers or develop games specifically to work with their apps. These games won’t be available on the site, and some of them can offer exclusive features. The availability of such games depends on the casino and its willingness to provide such services, but you can find them if you know where to look.


5. Convenience

Playing on a mobile app is always more convenient for multiple reasons. You can log in to your account using ID functionalities from your smartphones, like your fingerprint. It saves you the hassle of having to remember your password while keeping your account secured.

You won’t accidentally close the tab and lose your current session, and if you leave the app, you can always get back to it in an instant. If you’ve ever played on mobile, you know this happens often, and it can be incredibly frustrating.

Moreover, at many online casinos, your phone number is used to verify your identity when creating an account. With the app, you can give the app access to the necessary information conveniently. It also works for payments since you can use services like Apple Pay or Paypal to deposit directly with your smartphone.


Casino apps are simply better!

Using a casino app proves to be better in many ways. It offers more control and convenience. You can whip out your smartphone anywhere and start playing your f games in a matter of seconds.

Now that our attention span is lower than ever because of the overstimulation we’re exposed to on a daily basis, being able to play for a few minutes is almost mandatory. We also want to do it safely and, if possible, with an extra reward like an incentive or a mobile-only game. This is everything these casino apps offer, and it’s why more and more people adopt them.


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