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3 Practical Steps To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

How can you make your dreams a reality? Start with this practical tool to manifest a life that fills your imagination.

What would your life be like if you could craft it intentionally? How would your life change if you had practical steps to shape it the way you envision it? Ever since the movie The Secret made headlines in 2006, manifesting has become a mainstream term. However, the movie left audiences stumped with how to practically implement the advice. Instead, conclude that thinking positive thoughts and believing good things will happen is simply not enough to create a fulfilling life.

Photo: Michael Tasner, CEO of No Joke Marketing | Courtesy Photo
Photo: Michael Tasner, CEO of No Joke Marketing | Courtesy Photo

The Dream 100 Life list is a practical tool you can use to manifest the life that fills your imagination. Here’s how to use it.


Step #1: Make a list.

The first step in turning your dreams into reality is getting that vision on paper in a tangible way. Whether you use your computer, a notes app on your phone, or a good old-fashioned journal, list out all the things you want for your life. Don’t stop until you’ve hit at least 100 things.

Ask yourself, “What are the 100 most important things in my life?”

You can be vague or specific here. The key is to get this list out of your head and into the world. Once you see it in front of you, these things become easier to accomplish because now they’re real. They’re taking up space in your reality, not just your mind. You can see them, hone them, and mold them as you see fit.

Maybe on your list, you map out “health” as one of the 100 most important things in your life. But what specifically about your health is important to you? Is it having a specific muscle mass density or performing a specific feat? Is it having certain measurements or being able to go on a hike without being winded? What does this look like specifically for you? That clarity might break “health” down into five different points on your Dream 100 Life list.


Step #2: Prioritize and sort.

Once you’ve got your brain dump, you’re ready to sort them in order of importance. You may find that once you see something on your list visually, it’s not as important or doesn’t feel like a priority. If this happens, let it go. Sometimes seeing a goal or a desire in real life shows either that you want it more or less than you thought you did. If something falls off the list, there will be something else to replace it with that is a fit for you.

As you sort your list, order your Dream 100 Life list in order of importance. What do you want to create first? What is the most important experience you want to have in your life? Which facet of your life is your top priority?

Now that you have your list written and ordered, you’re ready to make it happen.


Step #3: Reverse engineer your goals.

Your Dream 100 Life list is a roadmap of sorts. It plots each destination you want to reach so that you can reverse engineer the journey. For example, if you have on your list that you want 19-inch biceps, you need to build out a plan to get there. That probably looks like increasing the amount and quality of the protein you’re eating, choosing a specific exercise routine geared toward building muscle, eating less processed sugar, and getting deep, restorative sleep every night. Whatever you need to get those 19-inch biceps goes into your roadmap for achieving that goal and making your Dream 100 Life a reality.

Here are some questions to ask to help yourself reverse engineer those goals:

  • What are the exact steps I need to take, to make this my reality? (Remember, a step is only one event at a time.)
  • Is there anyone I need to enroll in my vision to help make it a success? (Do you need to get the support of a partner? Do you need to hire an expert to help you? Do you need a mentor to guide you? Who needs to be on your team for this goal to be accomplished?)
  • What do I need to believe about myself, others, and my Dream 100 Life to make this journey easier and faster for myself? (Are there any beliefs you need to let go of? Are there any beliefs you need to build? Map all of these out.)
  • Is there anyone I need to not talk about my Dream 100 Life with? (Sometimes the people you don’t share your vision with are just as important as the ones you do.)
  • What is the best next step I can take? (Not all goals will have an easy-to-map journey. Sometimes you won’t know what comes next until you complete the previous step. If that happens, plot out checkpoints where you intentionally check in to see what your next step is.)

No matter what it is you want in life, your Dream 100 list can help you get there by providing the clarity and the action plan you need.


Michael Tasner is a five-time bestselling author, speaker, and consultant. He is the CEO of No Joke Marketing, a results-driven digital marketing agency. He teaches businesses modern digital marketing strategies. Previously he served as the CMO of Guerrilla Marketing International. 


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