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If You’re Intentional, You Can Attract More Clients

When we truly enjoy what we’re doing, we do it consistently, and that’s how we start attracting clients.

You’ve launched your business, and it’s time to start marketing. But then comes the big, overwhelming decision: Which marketing strategy should I choose?

What tends to happen with new entrepreneurs, especially those new to marketing, is they look externally for answers.

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They look at other successful business owners or listen to the advice of a business coach or mentor. They see someone attracting clients with X strategy and quickly decide to implement their tactics without thinking twice. In doing so, they don’t tap into their strongest differentiator––their unique marketing personality.

In the long run, trying to copy someone else’s strategy can be a waste of time. Often, it’s not aligned with you or your strengths. Therefore, you’re less likely to master it and get the results you’re after.

After almost two decades of working in digital marketing and coaching new business owners, I know that most marketing strategies can work. It’s about choosing a strategy that aligns – one that you’re excited to show up every day, implement, and stay consistent.

So, how can you be more intentional about your marketing strategies?


Keep your personality type in mind.

Are you an introvert, and the thought of public speaking or going to networking events makes your skin crawl? Great. Stay far away from any strategy where you must be “on” a lot. You intuitively know this is draining for you, so don’t force yourself to do it.

Maybe choose something a bit more “behind the scenes,” like blogging or creating a podcast that you pre-record on your own schedule. This way, you can still get the word out about your business, but it doesn’t feel so hard.


Gain clarity on the areas where you excel.

Are you great at breaking down complicated concepts? You should consider doing webinars or presentations where you share a few tips about a specific topic.

Suppose your strength is 1:1 interaction and connecting with people individually. In that case, your strategy should be built around that because it will showcase how well you listen. Make sure to include consultations or discovery calls in your sales process.


What does this look like in real life?

I’m an Ambivert Storyteller. An ambivert is somewhere in between an introvert and an extrovert. This means, some days, I’m cool with public speaking, and other days, I want to work in comfy clothes with a cup of tea by my side. That’s the beauty of it. Knowing this about myself, I’ve chosen to focus on two main marketing strategies­­­–– blogging and podcasting.

I host my podcast, The Intentional Solopreneur, where I interview other entrepreneurs, tell stories, and teach my audience how to market their businesses. I also write guest blogs that I pitch to sites like YFS Magazine to expand my reach beyond my website.

One of the main things I help my clients with is identifying and tapping into their natural strengths. I call this their “marketing superpower.” If they understand this, they can start marketing from a place of joy instead of dread. It also makes it much easier for them to develop a marketing plan they will stick with long term.

When we truly enjoy what we’re doing, we do it consistently, and that’s how we start attracting clients!


Agatha Brewer is the founder of Agatha Brewer Coaching where she works with new entrepreneurs to help them launch businesses that make a bigger impact on the world. She combines 15+ years of digital marketing experience and her coach training to help new business owners move their ideas out of their heads and into reality—getting them clarity around what they want to create, helping them set the right strategic foundations, and unraveling any mindset blocks standing in their way. Take her 2-minute quiz at agathabrewer.com/quiz to find out your marketing superpower and get 3 custom strategies just for you!


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