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The Significance Of Visual Content For Brands 

In an online landscape where brands have a matter of seconds to win over their audience, visual content has the power to inform purchasing decisions.

In an increasingly fast-paced and visually oriented world, it has become increasingly crucial for brands to adapt marketing efforts to appeal to more senses online.

According to Munich-based brain researcher Ernst Pöppel, we make an estimated 20,000 decisions daily. This suggests visual impressions can play a significant role in forming our perspectives and subsequent actions. In an online landscape where brands have a matter of seconds to win over their audience, visual content has the power to inform purchasing decisions.

But how can brands utilize visual content to yield the strongest returns? And what considerations should be taken to ensure the best visual impression possible for key audiences?


What is visual content in marketing?

Visual content refers to utilizing visual assets to appeal directly to a target audience for a variety of purposes, whether they’re to grab attention, engage, inform, or entertain. This process not only refers to embedding visual elements into a blog post or tweet and can incorporate more meticulous strategies to achieve marketing goals. This can help to grab and maintain attention in every stage of the customer journey.

Visual content can help capture and drive users to the right landing pages and conversion funnels when utilized efficiently. Infographics will be easy to understand and can even help to promote brand recognition and loyalty on external platforms.


Why is visual content so powerful?

Visual content can pave the way to penetrative selling and social selling for brands, and the movement around visual marketing has been growing significantly in the age of social media.

With an audience that spends an ever-increasing amount of time online, either through desktop or mobile devices, traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective in comparison to their digital counterparts.

Visual elements are also excellent tools for appealing to ever-shortening human attention spans. With the average human attention span falling to 8.25 seconds in the age of fast-paced social media feeds and shorter video content, visual marketing techniques are well-positioned to make a more impactful appeal in a shorter time frame for consumers.

Visual marketing methods can be utilized in a variety of ways, including infographics, videos, and other types of images. Crucially, specialized platforms like Powered Template can be a great tool in aiding businesses and marketers to create engaging visual content with ease.


Create attention-grabbing visual content.

Through Powered Template, it’s possible to access impactful visual content that can be repurposed into attention-grabbing marketing materials carrying a variety of functions.

Humans love learning visually. In fact, 65% of us are visual learners, so infographics can make for excellent marketing content. Infographics can help businesses to share key statistics that can support their marketing efforts across large audiences or help to inform purchasing decisions by more effectively describing the benefits of a product or service.

Some marketers can shy away from utilizing infographics in their campaigns due to the complexity of designing graphics that incorporate varying quantities of data in a visually stimulating way. But Powered Template can make this process easy through its range of pre-designed and 100% editable templates to download.

With thousands of infographics templates available as graphic designs and presentation slides, there’s no shortage of ideas for marketers to grab and utilize in their next campaign. Furthermore, the platform’s ‘similar’ tab can be used to great effect in helping marketers to discover similar styles to their chosen template–paving the way for a more fine-tuned approach to discovering the perfect infographic to utilize.


Create memorable content.

At the core of Powered Templates’ approach to template creation is a network of professional graphic designers who can generate some of the industry’s best visual content.

Though the platform is commonly associated with pre-designed presentation slides, Powered Template offers a vast range of graphic templates that can be suitable for many kinds of visual content campaigns for brands, including advertising campaigns, newsletters, flyers, brochures, and web elements.

Much of this content is completely free for users to download and use for their own purposes–albeit provided that a visible attribution to Powered Templates is included on the final version of the graphic. Alternatively, subscriptions to Powered Template start at $9.95 per month and empower companies to up their download limits without attribution.


Stay true to your brand aesthetic.

Every marketer knows that the best campaigns in the world would be worthless if they don’t conform to the right brand aesthetic, and it’s for this reason that content in Powered Templates is fully editable. This means that brands can add their logos, edit color schemes, and tweak existing designs to ensure that they’re instantly recognizable and synonymous with their branding.

While visual content can be a tricky tool to incorporate into digital marketing campaigns, platforms like Powered Template can help to alleviate much of the strain of constructing visual elements and turning them into attention-grabbing graphics on social media and web pages.

This means that you can relax and focus on simply adding the important branding, data, and marketing copy to your graphics, safe in the knowledge that you’re saving time and resources by utilizing excellent pre-designed visual content.


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