Food Means Business For Hospitality And Catering Titan Steve Sidd

For Australian serial entrepreneur Steve Sidd, food is rich, exciting, and a symbol of love. And in his family, food also means business, so he built an empire.

The hospitality and catering industries are fast-paced and competitive, but Steve Sidd is always ahead of the curve. As a worldwide hospitality consultant with clients ranging from a Singapore-based hotel group to a single taverna nestled on a Greek island, and more the trendsetting consultant still runs his own businesses that range from food production to catering services and hospitality software.

As the Group Managing Director at Culinary HQ, a firm that provides catering services and hospitality consulting throughout Australia, Steve remains at the forefront of the market by leveraging new trends and concepts. Culinary HQ owns and manages 26 dining concepts and 40+ event spaces and is home to more than 350 employees.

Steve’s influence within the catering industry is undeniable and further exemplified by his co-founding of Hospitality Genie, a catering software package that streamlines processes and functions to support and transform catering businesses.

Hospitality Genie has grown in popularity as a user-friendly IT software that helps deliver significant profits and efficiencies to any restaurant and catering business. Steve used this software across his venues to save time and streamline the entire process. Sidd also founded two production kitchens, Good and Plentywhole Foods, and Moon Deli, with the help of Genie, to deliver top-quality food into key markets.

Steve is a pioneer and trendsetter in the hospitality industry, and his ability to anticipate and respond to shifting consumer preferences and long-term business paradigms has helped Catering HQ grow into the market leader it is today.

Steve attributes much of his industry passion and success to his upbringing. “Growing up in Sydney’s Belrose to an Egyptian mother and Greek father – as well as my Yia Yia who took care of me and my sister – food was a huge part of my upbringing,” he recalls.

“Lots of families come together around the smells and tastes wafting out of our home kitchen, but in our family food also means business.”

“I have always known food can be rich, exciting, complex and also simple, homely, a symbol of love. Lots of families come together around the smells and tastes wafting out of our home kitchen, but in our family food also means business.”

With this in mind, the serial entrepreneur set out to invent the next big thing from the get-go, with the intention of helping the industry continue to grow and thrive through the development of ground-breaking methods of logistics, systems, and multi-site management. As a result, Catering HQ has earned widespread recognition as an industry leader, recognized for its excellence and capacity to impress.

Steve and his team relentlessly aim to make Catering HQ the go-to catering, hospitality, and consulting services provider. They always research new and innovative ways to bring value to the industry while staying on top of trends that will help them stay ahead of the competition. For instance, they foresaw the need for meatless and vegan options before the trend caught on and embraced plant-based products to meet the demands of their vegetarian and vegan customers.

The hospitality industry is constantly changing, and Steve Sidd, along with his trusted partner and Director of Catering HQ, Albie Aldahwai, has been at the forefront of these changes, always one step ahead with new ideas and technology. His experience and commitment to excellence in the hospitality business have made him a leader within this dynamic field. He continues to blaze trails with his work while others still search for direction. He is truly a trendsetter within the industry.

Whether through Catering HQ or his other endeavors, Steve Sidd is making waves in the hospitality business and developing new trends that others are sure to follow. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn and stay ahead of the competition.


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