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Lilo Alfaro Approaches Business Consulting From An Unconventional Lens

Lilo Alfaro, COO and Senior Consultant at OPAD Consulting, strives to empower businesses through an unconventional lens.

Groups of professionals from different disciplines or fields who work together to achieve a common goal, also known as multidisciplinary teams, have become a dynamic trend in various industries. As a result, a broad cross-section of people from different demographics collaborate to increase productivity, creativity, and innovation.

A Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study suggests companies with diverse management teams tend to experience a 19% increase in revenue. This growth is due to heightened levels of innovation that diverse experiences and voices create.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Senior Consultant at OPAD Consulting, Lilo Alfaro shares a similar ethos. People with diverse experiences and varied skills broaden the range of organizational capabilities. Lilo was raised in a nomadic military family which exposed her to diverse locales and cultures. Similarly, her educational background spans multiple disciplines, including an MBA in social innovation, and studies in theater performance, technical design and production, and business management.

A blend of art and commerce helps Lilo foster an environment where critical thinking, creativity, and innovation thrive. It allows her to view organizational challenges from an unconventional lens, playing a crucial role in effective problem-solving. As a result, she emphases the value of this multifaceted perspective in business consulting.

“OPAD helped us to quickly and effectively assimilate a new acquisition into the culture using our own mission and core values.”Mark Borowicz, CEO of Pure Wafer

The corporate sector is fraught with challenges. Organizations demand not just expertise but also a nuanced understanding of multidisciplinary structures. Drawing on extensive experience in organizational development and culture consulting, Lilo adeptly navigates these complexities in business consulting.

“Culture, in its simplest terms, is the behaviors and actions expected, upheld, and perpetuated by a given system of people. Therefore, systemic change is always within reach for those with the power to change expectations,” she emphasizes.

Lilo leverages storytelling, empathy, and creativity. This helps her catalyze innovative solutions, promote robust communication, and gather resilient teams. She introduces innovative strategies linking diverse perspectives. This fosters inclusivity and adaptability within teams.

For instance, while working with one research company, she opted for a meticulous approach by conducting one-on-one interviews with each team member. Introduced as a third-party consultant, Lilo’s involvement brought an outsider’s perspective. This fostered an environment where participants felt secure to share candid insights. Her contribution enhanced the process, allowing OPAD to bypass internal biases and cultural logic within the group. This method proved instrumental in identifying and addressing the root causes of project delays and morale issues, showcasing Lilo’s commitment to unbiased and practical problem-solving strategies.

Through her strategic consultancy, she strives to empower businesses, embracing varied cultural influences and fostering educational growth.

As businesses evolve, the demand for forward-thinking and impactful strategies is rising. This is where Lilo’s creative background and client-centric approach maintain her position as a reliable and resourceful figure in business consulting. Individuals seeking further information on Lilo Alfaro’s accomplishments and the impact of OPAD Consulting can connect with her at opadconsulting.co/contact or LinkedIn.


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