Businesses Behaving Badly on Facebook (10 Things To Avoid)

Are you making some major mistakes when it comes to developing your business and brand on Facebook? Here are a few examples of what not to do in...

Last Update: January 25, 2015

Facebook is the fastest growing social network in the world. This also makes it a powerful tool to help entrepreneurs communicate with and learn from their customers. From brand pages to targeted advertising and real-time measurement — it presents a viable and profitable platform to develop and nurture customer relationships.

Creative companies find ingenious ways to connect on Facebook. But have you ever run across the ‘diamond in the rough’ small business that is behaving badly? Some social media experts could write a trilogy on the subject. But we shouldn’t be too quick to judge — or should we? Sometimes it’s as simple as, “We didn’t know!”

In efforts to make social media better for business, here are some classic faux pas known to evoke reactions of embarrassment, disgrace, or mortification — that you may want to avoid.


1. Posting your links on another company’s Facebook page is …

It’s actually considered spam. Sharing a random link on another company’s Facebook page numerous times is like walking up to a group of people and randomly blurting out something irrelevant. Instead take the road less traveled: contact the company, share your message and ask if they would support you by blasting it out to their followers. It errs on the side of authenticity instead of blatant disregard and annoyance.


2. Don’t push the ‘hard sell’ all of the time.

We get it, your business is better than sliced bread, but no one lives on bread alone. Make your business a more reputable source and curate  industry news, opinions and complimentary products 0r services. Consumers tend to gravitate towards brands that become niche curators (American Fashion Stylist, Rachel Zoe is a prime example). Start to develop strategic relationships with companies you admire by sharing their offering with your tribe. Take a holistic approach and integrate marketing, self-promotion, public relations and customer service into the Facebook conversation. Contribute in a meaningful way.


3. Stop inviting uninterested friends to ‘Like’ your Page.

If someone doesn’t RSVP to a party – don’t take it personally. Of course, the more the merrier, but if your Facebook friend(s) doesn’t “ever” show up it’s okay … “they’re just not that into you (your company).” Take a closer look, your friends may not be your target audience. Sure, sharing is caring but ceaseless invites to like your business is borderline badgering and undermines your message. Share your business brilliance with people who actually care.


4. Never use a personal page as a business page.

Can we be honest? It’s lazy. Developing a Facebook Page for your business may require time. Albeit, you may actually have to market it to gain a following. But it’s hard to take anyone seriously who doesn’t care enough not to commingle their business and personal social accounts. It’s the equivalent of having a retail storefront in the basement of your home. Believe me – unless it’s a garage sale – only your neighbors will shop there.


5. Where are the photos?

Facebook is all about visuals and engagement. There are 6 billion photos uploaded each month. Let us see photos of your latest products – or better yet beta test products that haven’t been released to the public yet. If you don’t have photos to share, run a contest and ask your followers to upload theirs.


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