How to Rapidly Grow Your Online Social Influence

Here are five proven ways to transfer your personal off-line influence to the online world.

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In just under two years, I grew an online community by a little over 160 times. As a result, I constantly get emails from readers and clients asking me how they can do the same — as if it’s some magical formula. ”How do I get people to follow my work?” they ask me. ”How do I get people to listen?”

They’re missing the point.

My relatively rapid growth was simply the result of applying some of the most basic forms of social influence.

Here are five proven ways to transfer your personal off-line influence to the online world:

1. Make real connections.

Just because you’re behind a computer screen doesn’t give you a pass to never have another face-to-face conversation. The online world makes connecting more scalable, but connections only really happen if you get out and connect. This can start on social networks and Skype, but nothing beats sharing a few beers, a nice meal or a tough workout. You have to get outside.

2. Get people to like you.

People respect and listen to people they like. This starts with real offline connections and magnifies as you help and support those around you. Write about them. Do interviews. Suggest fun events that you both have in common.

3. Be everywhere.

Now that you have a foundation, start establishing a presence in as many places as possible. Celebrities are famous, influential and ridiculously well-paid because they’re all over national TV networks, entertaining the world in one way or another. You need to do the same.

Write articles for as many websites as possible. I grew my following by 10 times in a few months and over 160 times in just under two years by doing exactly this. Not sure which publications or blogs to contribute to? Reach out to the network you’ve been building and start with anyone who will take you, regardless of size.

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