How to Rapidly Grow Your Online Social Influence

Here are five proven ways to transfer your personal off-line influence to the online world.

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4. Give everything you can.

Reciprocity is powerful. When we receive something, we automatically feel like we owe something to the giver. I don’t think it’s right (or even useful) to give with the intention of receiving, so I prefer to give without expectation; I know that the receiving will take care of itself. Try rewarding potential customers with giveaways: digital items that carry no marginal cost, such as a PDF report, workbook, software or course access, or physical items like small gifts, handwritten cards or books.

5. Show others that influencers are listening.

I’d rather buy lunch from the sandwich shop with a line around the corner than the one next door with plenty of empty seats.  And if that long line happened to be full of celebrities who were waiting for their favorite sub, then I’d race to experience that same meal.

If no one is visiting your site or using your product, then why should I? Start with your strongest suit: Do you know a few well-known people? See if you can get their endorsement to put on your site. Do you happen to have a bunch of followers on Twitter or Facebook, or have you built up a large email marketing database? Pick the largest one and show that, front and center, on your site.

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Scott Dinsmore is the founder of Live Your Legend, a coaching and digital product company helping people build a career around work they love. He’s also a Managing Partner at Cumbre Capital, a value investment partnership modeled after the Buffett Partnerships of the ’50s and ’60s. Scott loves a good adventure.

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