Sales Promotions Tied to Natural Disasters, Tasteless: 3 Companies That Got it Right, Instead

Whether or not you agree with sales promotions like the 'Sandy Sale' or believe it was a marketing fail, here are three examples of companies that actually got...

2. Fab.com, @Fab

Fab, an e-commerce company focused on everyday design across all price points and verticals, seemed to have got their natural disaster communications right. The successful e-commerce site, having grown from 175,000 members at launch in June 2011, to over 6 million as of August 2012 took a multifaceted approach.

Fab CEO Jason Goldberg illustrated that his company was not only in touch with those impacted by the disaster but offered up his POV while sharing with customers that they are still committed to serving them and getting back to business as usual.

Hurricane Sandy & Fab


Jason Goldberg, CEO of Fab here with a brief message to our customers about Hurricane Sandy and Fab.

Fab HQ. Fab’s headquarters are in the West Village of New York City, at 95 Morton Street. 225 of our 650 team members worldwide work from our NYC offices. Our offices are 1 block from the Hudson river and our street and building were impacted by the storm. Our office is currently without power and it is closed until further notice. As our offices are on the 5th and 8th floors of the building, we are hopeful that there was no interior damage.

Fab Warehouse. Fab operates out of two warehouses in New Jersey. Both of our warehouses are currently without power and thus are closed. As such, we are unable to ship packages today. We hope to have power restored to our warehouses very soon.

Fab Team. About 1/3 of Fab’s employees are currently without power. The other 2/3’ds of us with power are welcoming those without power into our homes. There’s this beautiful, heart-warming email thread amongst Fab employees called, “Team Together” where team members with power are offering up their homes. It’s special. We’re a Fab Family.

Our primary interest is the safety and security of our Fab team members and you, our Fab customers, and the broader community. Be careful. Stay safe. Help out others as you best can.

I have posted an update about the hurricane and Fab on my blog. I will continue to update our customers via my blog as thing develop.

Fab Website, Apps & Customers. We are doing everything possible to maintain a business-as-usual approach to Fab during these challenging times.

We are launching daily new offerings in the morning and evening, as usual.  There are currently 10,000 products on Fab and there will be 1000+ new items added to Fab daily. We are taking orders. We are launching exciting new products.

We will launch our Holiday Shops on November 1st as previously scheduled. We’ll have affordable design offerings for everyone on your list.

All Fab packages will ship as soon as humanly possible. Our teams are unloading packages in the warehouse as I write this and shipments will go out ASAP. We promise it will be a Fab holidays, despite the storm.

 I will let everyone know as soon as we have more news. We’re hopeful that power will be restored very soon.

Even in tough times, it helps to smile. We’re all designed to—more than ever.

Smile, you’re designed to.

Jason Goldberg & The Fab Family


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