Five Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Can Build a Successful Speaking Career

Here are five simple tips entrepreneurs can use to improve their public speaking skills.

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As you build a profitable business, and gain marked success, it is inevitable that others will ask you to share what you have learned at their local conference or national event. In fact, public speaking is a great way to build your professional network and your business.

However, many entrepreneurs who aspire to become public speakers may not have the resources or the expertise required to launch a successful speaking career.

But what every novice orator knows for sure is that they want to tell their story.

The Art of Becoming a Successful Public Speaker

Once you make a decision to pursue speaking it is important to understand that giving a speech is an art. This is what makes the public speaking field so subjective when others attempt to judge one’s efficiency. An audience’s reception of your speech is no different than movie critics citing their opinion on a film; some may love it, and some may hate it.

Due to its artistic quality of public speaking, there is no foolproof plan on how to be a great speaker, but there are helpful tips you can use to improve your oration and overall success.

Here are five simple tips entrepreneurs can use to improve their public speaking skills.

1. Answer this question, “Who are you?”

This is a very simple question, but it is the most important question to ask yourself.

Is your talent abstract? A booming voice or high pitch in your delivery can captivate an audience; your hands and hair flow effortlessly on stage. Be aware of your talent, your personality and turn your weaknesses into strengths. Humor is the best anecdote to connect with an audience since most of us enjoy a good laugh especially at the speakers’ expense. But if humor is not your strength, try telling your story with great emotional depth. If people, in general, consider you attractive, wear a striking outfit. Knowing who you are goes hand-in-hand with our next tip…

2. Be yourself.

Yes, I am sure you have heard this before, but it is very important.

If someone listens to you speak, and says, “You watch a lot of Bill Clinton because you sound exactly like him,” then I have news for you; that is not a good thing. Establish your own identity because Bill Clinton, Anderson Cooper, Barack Obama etc… –all of these great speakers established their own identity by being themselves and not someone else.

3. Be serious.

Every aspiring public speaker needs training and an extra set of professional eyes. For example, Toastmasters International, a non-profit organization developing public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback in local clubs since 1924, is highly recommended for public speakers who want to enhance their oratory skills.

Participating in public speaking organizations like Toastmasters is a gauge for how serious you are concerning your speaking career and, ultimately, how successful it will be. Be open to help and assistance.

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