Ten Best Social Media Articles for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Checkout ten of our favorite social media articles that you may have missed -- right here at YFS Magazine.

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Social media has become an integral part of our society and today’s business landscape. Whether you are just starting to develop a social media strategy for your small business, looking to ramp up social media marketing efforts or in search of quick social networking tips we have the answers.

Checkout ten of our favorite social media articles that you may have missed — right here at YFS Magazine.

1. Social Media Pioneers: Let Us Pay a Debt of Gratitude to Those that Came Before

Social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter seem to have taken over the internet. But where would they be without the first pioneers who paved the way for all social networks? Friendster, Xanga, and MySpace may not hold the same glamour and popularity as they did in the past, but are all important in the development of all of the social media sites we love and cherish today.

Here’s a nostalgic tribute to those key social media pioneers that made the way for social media today. Read More

2. How to Mind Your (Social Media) Manners as a Small Business Owner

While there is no official handbook or guidelines for how to behave on social networking sites, it is important to be aware of what do you, post, and say on them as a small business owner. Too many posts per day, or having too many promotion pages for your business, could turn customers off and drive them away from your business. It could also cause confusion, which could also affect sales and customer satisfaction.

Check out these social media etiquette tips to ensure that your social media pages are on their best behavior. Read More

3. Drive Sales Through Social Media: How to Generate Sales Leads on Social Networks

Social media is a great opportunity of which small businesses should take full advantage. If leveraged correctly, social media can yield tremendous long-term results. It grows traffic to your website, increases sales, produces content, establishes a reputation in your field, and interacts with customers and influences. Best of all, it’s free.

Here are some tips on how to utilize social media to generate sales leads and grow your business. Read More

4. How to Stop Failing at Social Media Marketing and Become Likeable

Small business owners are trying to capitalize on the recent boom in social media, but are having trouble reaping the benefits. The problem is that most small business owners do not consider their customers and the fact they are already bombarded with marketing and advertising messages on a daily basis. Being human and “likeable” on social media networks is the key to an effective social media marketing strategy. Read More

5. Social Media Consultant or Employee: What’s the Best Hire for Your Small Business?

If you don’t have immediate access to a social media guru for your small business, there are several options you can choose from to create and maintain a successful online presence: 1) hire (outsource) a social media consultant, or 2) create a permanent part-time or full-time position within your company. It is important to select the option that best suits your business. Read More

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