Being All Things, To All People (Doesn’t Work) in Business

No matter how incredible your products and services are you’re just not going to be everyone’s cup of tea -- learn how to embrace that fact.

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“You can’t be everything to everyone in life, and the same applies in business. Creating a product and/or service mix that appeals to everyone is, without doubt, business sluttery,” according to marketing consultant Ameena Falchetto.

The reality is, no matter how incredible your products and services are, how compelling your brand is, or how charming and lovely you are as a small business owner — you’re just not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Why is this important?

Because I see so many business owners, especially at the early stages, taking what they view as “rejection” personally. They think to themselves, “That journalist isn’t interested in my press release, that customer isn’t excited about my proposal so there must be something wrong with me!” These situations can ultimately fuel self doubt and put the brakes on a potentially successful business.

Business is All About Perspective

I have learned first-hand, while building my coaching business and training in the field of personal development, that life and business is all about perspective.

For instance, when you judge a situation and say,”There must be something wrong with me!” you are jumping to the most dis-empowering, soul crushing conclusion. Instead it is important to switch perspectives and view things from the most enlightening and helpful point of view.

Here is how you can make this strategy work for you and your business:

First, think about this:

Has something happened recently (or currently) in your business that left you questioning how good you and your business really are?

Perhaps a proposal didn’t get approved or a significant number of people unsubscribed from your last email newsletter? Or maybe the phone isn’t ringing as often as it has in the past and you feel like a lost and confused teenager who didn’t get invited to the party?

If any of the above scenarios are true, there could be a very valuable business lesson to be learned from your situation. However, it has no reflection on you personally — your potential and inner brilliance. The business lesson is there for you to learn from … if you can stop beating yourself up for being in the situation in the first place.


1. Get specific about the undesirable situation.

Identify the situation that prompted you to doubt yourself. For example, you may have a general feeling of inadequacy if you’re not experiencing the momentum you want in your business, but what is causing you to feel that way? Get specific about what is causing your lull and as a result, the unhelpful feelings.

2. Have an out of body (and business) experience. 

Your imagination can help you meet business goals that may seem unrealistic right now. Start by imagining you are outside of your body, looking down at yourself (and the situation) from a mountain top. Looking at your “valley” experiences from a peak perspective is a powerful way to remove emotional intensity that is blocking you from gaining real insight that will help you move forward.

3. Be honest and take stock of what happened.

From this new perspective, jot down the real reasons why this situation occurred. However, saying “I’m just not good enough!” is not the answer. For instance, the fact that sales have slowed down doesn’t mean you are rubbish at what you’re doing in business. It could mean that you need to revamp and reinvigorate your business development strategy. Perhaps you need to look more closely at your market and how your positioning yourself and your brand?

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