Being All Things, To All People (Doesn’t Work) in Business

No matter how incredible your products and services are you’re just not going to be everyone’s cup of tea -- learn how to embrace that fact.

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4. Focus on solutions, not problems.

After you have thoughtfully looked at your situation, take at least one action point that you can implement to turn the situation around and possibly prevent the same scenario from happening in the future. Taking action shows that you are capable of identifying the business lesson and using it to your advantage rather than as an excuse for self-sabotage.

5. Change your day-to-day environment.

Renew your perspective by changing your environment. Get away from your normal day-to-day setting. Ideally you will want to go somewhere you feel inspired. For me personally, I love walking in nature because it helps to spark clarity and get me reconnected to my biggest purpose and life’s vision. In this place, problems turn into opportunities and I never force it.

Carving out a Targeted and Sweet Proposition

Lastly, the best way to stop trying to be all things to all people (and hating yourself for it) is to think about peaches — yes, the fruit. In a business context, if you are selling peaches, you want to build awareness for your peaches “when and where” people are craving peaches. This is all about cleverly carving out your proposition for a hot market.

However, even if you have built a marketing plan that adequately targets peach lovers, there will still be those that decide, “You know what, I fancy having an apple today, instead.” Or they simply don’t have time to eat a peach today, no matter how much they’re craving one.

What am I trying to get at?

When Free Advice Is Bad For Business

You can’t win over everyone, one hundred percent of the time. There will be some setbacks, but it doesn’t mean your peach is rotten. Take it with a pinch of salt, learn what you can from business lessons and keep growing and nurturing your peaches!

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