Channel Your Inner Child to Create a Successful “Dream” Business

Here are 5 tips on challenging your inner child to create your dream business.

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As a child, I was constantly creating stories, art, musicals and anything that had to do with using my imagination. My very first pet, a green iguana that grew to be over three feet long, had a lot to do with an ignited spark in my creativity.

My iguana, who I named Iggy after the puppet on the show Under the Umbrella Tree, was a gift from my parents when I was eight years old for being on the honor roll all season long. I had Iggy for four and half years, and I loved to create cartoon-like stories about him. It was a dream since childhood to see this loving pet become a book character.

I loved having pets; Iggy was my largest reptile, but I also had 16 turtles that became part of my family. Writing stories about all of them made me realize my passion to become an author at a young age.

Channeling my inner child as an adult has helped me become successful, and various jobs along the way have guided me to find a profession I love. As an author, speaker, and founder of a literacy non-profit organization, I can honestly say that I love going to work every day. As I continue on my career journey, I am reminded daily of my childhood dreams.

Here are 5 tips on challenging your inner child to create your dream business.

1. Find the Inner Child Within

Your childhood was a special time in your life when you had no worries and your imagination ran free. Allow yourself that freedom to put down the internal demands of perfection, and tap back into your imagination.

Start by journaling ideas and memories once a week. Find the time in your childhood that made you the happiest. Keep in mind that channeling those feelings will help you uncover dreams that may have gotten pushed away by your daily routine. A child’s imagination is all about adventure so add a little fun into your life and find your inner child.; it will always be there.

2.Know Your Dream Career

Many people are unsure of what career will satisfy their needs and desires, which is normal. But some of us take longer than others to know our niche. Before you start setting measurable goals, take time to self-reflect in order to know what your career will fit you.

Knowing your dream career can help you become more aware of your life’s purpose. All of my books have reflected my inner child’s desire to teach valuable lessons and be a role model to others. Becoming an author and public speaker has allowed me to reach many children in the community. My dream to see my reptiles as characters in books has also helped me able to talk to children about inner confidence and following their dreams.

3. Don’t Just Work for Money, Work for Passion

My career has consisted of helping children develop a love for literacy. As you target your career goals, take on work that will help you stay focused on your specific profession. When you love your work, your career will be a humbling experience. Knowing that kids were going to be a big part of my life, I encouraged my inner child and passions to resurface on a daily basis. Be truly passionate in all that you do, and success will come.

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