Get More Customers: 12 Surefire Ways to Attract New Business

We asked twelve entrepreneurs to share their best advice on how to increase your customer base, and here's what they had to say ...

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Are you constantly seeking ways to bring in more customers? If so, we asked twelve entrepreneurs to share their best advice on how to increase your customer base, and here’s what they had to say:


1. Grow and nurture an online community.

“By hosting telesummits, private Facebook forums, and an inexpensive Master Class program, we promote connection and camaraderie. Business owners thrive when immersed in a community of like-minded people.  Hosting telesummits (i.e. online speaker event) has grown our client base by as much as 1100% in 1 month!  Women business owners specifically are inundated with online information; they’re seeking more of a deeper connection to a tribe.  Providing that platform has been instrumental.”

– Kerry Swetmon, Founder and CEO of Life Business Growth: @LifeBizGrowth


2. Obtain diversity certification.

“If you are a woman, minority, LGBT or veteran owned business, differentiating yourself by becoming a certified diverse business can open the doors to many new customers!  Many Fortune 100 companies, government entities, [and] other minority-owned businesses seek out qualified, certified diverse suppliers to fulfill their product and service needs. Diversity certification, while not a magic wand, is a fantastic marketing tool that can bring a business to a whole new level!”

– Heather Cox, President of Certify My Company: @CertifyMyCo


3. Serve demographics with untapped potential.

“I founded Lexion Capital to bring top-tier, fiduciary-level asset management to investors with $1,000,000 or more, a far lower minimum than most traditional banks require. However, soon after starting out I realized that I also wanted to reach the numerous hard-working professionals who were shy of that minimum. After all, my ultimate goal is to make fiduciary wealth management an accessible reality for everyday Americans. So, I founded Lexion Access, a branch of Lexion Capital that serves investors with the exact same top-tier financial management that the brand was founded on, with a much lower minimum of $150,000.”

– Elle Kaplan, Co-Founder and CEO of Lexion Capital Management: @LexionCapital


4. Focus on generating referrals and WOM.

“For six years, Precision’s client base grew so fast without a sales team that our employee headcount grew from 4 to more than 30 in just four years. We pride ourselves on referrals and world of mouth marketing and focus on the value of our customers by placing humanity back into the business model. This means we take care of them the same way we take care of ourselves, maybe even better. Every client contract is a fixed fee only support. We don’t rip off our customers or constantly bill them for time or material, and winning our clients’ trust has greatly contributed to the success of Precision.”

– David D’Arcy, Founder and President of Precision IT: @_PrecisionIT


5. Use Facebook’s promoted posts.

“Facebook’s promoted posts are a great way to reach potential customers and clients. Ever since Facebook changed their EdgeRank to allow only about 10% of your page’s followers to see your posts, using promoted posts has become more and more important. It enables you to show your post to a larger audience than you would if you did a regular post. We have seen huge spikes in engagement with our fans by using promoted posts. The best way to combat EdgeRank is to take it head on!”

– Jayme Pretzloff, Co-Founder and Marketing Advisor of Blue Line Defense: @jpretz


6. Educate and empower customers.

“The fastest way we’ve grown our customer base is actually educating companies on how we do our job, and letting them try it themselves. We’re a digital marketing agency, so a lot of the things we do (e.g. social media and SEO) most business owners think they can either manage themselves or get for cheap, so we educate them on best practices and wish them luck, making sure to stay in touch. Sure enough, within a month around half of our prospects will have realized that they simply don’t have the efficiency that our system has, which allows us to make the ROI worth it – and they give up on doing it on their own. Still, they’ve seen the potential it has, and they’ll come back to us ready to become a client. It’s crazy, but it works.”

– Flynn Zaiger, CEO of Online Optimism: @onlineoptimism

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