Get More Customers: 12 Surefire Ways to Attract New Business

We asked twelve entrepreneurs to share their best advice on how to increase your customer base, and here's what they had to say ...

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7. Use microblogging and social platforms effectively.

“Most people have Twitter and Facebook just to have it and not to make money and drive business from it. We learned that we could geo-target Twitter followers with software and find new app developer clients by searching a few select phrases on Twitter. Once you find the people to attend your event or sign up for your service, you have to be responsive to them.  Too many times you’ll lose out on business or lose a potential user because you didn’t respond to their message.”

– Sean Casto, Founder and CEO of PreApps


8. Simply stay connected.

“The endless game of staying connected, starting relationships as well as maintaining relationships has allowed me to run my company for over 13 years. It is vital to stay in contact and be aggressive with as many quality people in business as possible. You never know who you will meet, who they know, and how connections will help garner clients.”

– Brian Scott Gross, President of BSG Public Relations: @bsgpr


9. Create a proven process.

“In addition to following some basic business rules, I’ve built my business using the following processes. I always solicit feedback from customers on their experience with us and ask them to grade our performance and address any concerns immediately. Then, I ask the customer to share their experience with others by providing online reviews and posting positive comments to social media sites. Next, I hold my staff accountable for [their] performance based on customer feedback and create an environment focused on pleasing the customer. Finally, I continuously market back into my accumulated customer base through emails and texts to drive repeat business and monitor which marketing dollars are producing the best return for my business. These simple rules will give any business a huge advantage over the competition. This shows that you are an owner that really cares about the work you do and have strong integrity.”

– Thomas Mello, Owner of A1 Garage Door Service: @mello_tommy


10. Position founding partners as thought leaders.

“We are constantly writing new articles, publishing books, and speaking as many places as we can. Even more importantly, we are organizing ways for people who care about culture to connect with each other. This isn’t a fast strategy, but neither is the process of building a consulting firm. An important note: the strategy for growth must match your kind of business! It takes a long time to build trust and the relationships required in our field, so this is the perfect way for us to keep growing at an organic and steady pace.”

– Josh Allan Dykstra, Principal of Strengths Doctors: @joshallan


11. Increase your price.

“I know this may sound odd, but before I implemented this tip in my business I had garnered a plethora of clients, some who had large budgets, but many others who were looking for expert services at amateur prices. My larger clients (who were more likely to recommend my business to their larger associates) were skeptical when I quoted them prices lower than they were used to; they thought there had to be a catch. As a result, I raised my prices to an industry standard (which in effect raised my business’s credibility), continued to produce superb work, and I began to see an increase in my client base and retention.”

– Jacques H. Bastien, CEO and Chief Creative Director of Boogie Graphics: @Boogie_Graphics


12. Use crowdfunding sites to garner sales.

“Crowdfunding is a great way to make initial sales, but it also gets you a number of potential new customers who make pledges at low levels just to contribute. My company did a Kickstarter campaign and sold ~600 units and harvested another ~500 potential customers, 100 of which we have since converted online. It has also brought us a number of retail and international distributor leads due to the buzz a Kickstarter campaign can create. P.S. you can still crowdfund even if you are already an established brand. This subject has been explored at length online.”

– Riley Swenson, Vice President of Web Marketing of Power Practical: @thepowerpot1


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