10 Effective Ways to Train and Educate New Employees

Entrepreneurs share advice on how to properly train and educate employees.

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6. Let employees teach themselves and give guidance along the way.

“I don’t look for people to fill a particular position as much as I look for a person who I believe will bring value by bringing something new to the table.  If someone is bright and motivated, then I like to let them think of ways they can contribute and choose one that is not only helpful to the company, but one that they like as well.  This way, they pretty much teach themselves what they need to know because they want to learn it, and I can simply guide them on the best way(s) to do so.”

– Clayton Cohn, Chairman, President, and CEO of Marketaction, Inc.: @claytoncohn

7. Expose employees to activities that will foster personal growth.

“We regularly have group lunches and I even ask my team to go to outside networking events. All of these events are used to help the individual grow into the position instead of having someone simply tell him what to do.”

– Richard Horvath, Owner and President of Thee Design Studio: @TheeDesign

8. Communicate daily.

“For example, my office manager, after meeting with her almost daily for over a year she [has] become fairly autonomous with keeping the management initiatives moving forward in between my weekly meetings with her. She [has] been well trained in the management dynamics and the management objectives of the firm and how to [teach] them, and she’s operating autonomously and bringing about [results from] these objectives.”

– Richard P. Console, Jr., Managing Partner of Console & Hollawell, P.C.:  @ConsoleAtLaw

9. Outline processes for new hires.

” If an employee does something wrong, you have to know it came down to not following process.  If they were not given those processes to follow, then the blame lies on you as the employer. ”

– Alex Membrillo, Co-Founder and CEO of Cardinal Web Solutions: @cardinalws

10. Ensure employees fully comprehend the training.

“Most employees will not ask questions during training, so asking questions to make sure they understood will help make sure that the employee does in fact understand the purpose of the training. Questions like ‘please explain to me the purpose of this exercise’ [will help.] The next big tip is repetition. Repeating the process over and over will ensure that the employee knows exactly how you want [the task] to be done.  Understanding these two principles will help ensure that your employees are on board when it comes to training them [on] new concepts.”

– Thomas Mello, Owner of A1 Garage Door Service: @mello_tommy

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