Is Your Small Business Guilty of These 7 Deadly Sales Sins?

Here are seven ways to turn your message into one that your target audience is dying to say “Yes” to...

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No doubt you have heard of the seven cardinal sins of the Christian faith – wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony? But did you know that there are also seven lethal sins of selling? They’re deadly because they’re toxic to your business and your bank account.

Unfortunately, if you commit even one of them, you’ll witness your sales leads shrivel up and die right before your eyes. And if you want to capture the attention of more prospective customers and increase sales, you need to stop committing all of these deadly sales sins.


Are You Guilty of These Seven Deadly Sales Sins?

  1. A lame approach or introduction?
  2. Wasting your prospect’s time with stuff that is important to you but not to them?
  3. Failing to identify and understand your customer’s pain?
  4. Forgetting to give your audience a clear message why they should choose you?
  5. Selling products, features or benefits instead of solutions to their pain?
  6. Neglecting to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can cure their pain?
  7. Making it easy for them to talk themselves of out of the sale by giving too many options (and not asking for the sale)?

Thankfully, there is a cure to help you increase sales and it is much simpler than you might imagine.

Everyone knows that a solid, consistent stream of prospects (i.e. sales leads) and sales are vital to the health and success of your small business.  It is also likely that you are spending a lot of money each month on activities and communications where 99% of your audience chooses not to buy from you.

You are wasting money on sales presentations, sales calls and cold-emailing that isn’t working.


How to Fix Your Marketing Messages and Increase Sales

Now depending on which of the seven deadly sales sins you are committing, many of your prospects have fled into the arms of your competitors to cure their pain. So, I would like to show you exactly where you went wrong and how to fix your marketing messages and increase sales.

Here are seven ways to turn your message into one that your target audience is dying to say “Yes” to:

1. Keep the lights on.

During a sales presentation, presenters often switch off the lights in a room so that the slides can be read more easily. Besides encouraging the decision making part of your prospect’s brain to fall asleep, this fatal move also diverts attention to the screen. Instead, to increase sales, you need your audience to focus their attention on the conversation you are having with them.

2. Capture attention immediately.

In order to stand out and be remembered, you need to open with a question, story, myth-busting statement, or picture that is relevant to your audience.  The best way to increase sales is to show them you understand (and can solve) their source of pain.

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