Is Your Small Business Guilty of These 7 Deadly Sales Sins?

Here are seven ways to turn your message into one that your target audience is dying to say “Yes” to...

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3. Stop wasting time on you.

Never waste time telling potential customers about you. One hundred percent of your message should focus on your prospect or customers, and how your solution will cure their pain, keep them safe, or make their lives better.  If your message is relevant and your customer is engaged, it can increase sales.

4. A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Your brain is hardwired to process visual cues and act before you have time to think things through carefully.  If you want to connect with your audience and increase sales, you need to present fewer words, graphs and statistics and start showing them (in pictures) how their life will be better with your solution.

5. Simplify your marketing message.

Most slides have far too many words on them to be persuasive.  Less is more – if your audience is too busy reading, they cannot possibly engage with you and your key message. The brain can only process and memorize 3 or 4 key points at a time.  If your message is more complex than that, it simply will not be remembered.

6. Use stories to communicate key points.

Messages that cause your customers to reconnect with (or rediscover) strong emotions from their past and associate those with your solution, are 10x more likely to trigger the decision making part of the brain.

7. Crank up the contrast.

In order to trigger a decision quickly and increase sales, you must stand out. Your customer needs to feel the difference between your solution, your competitor’s solution, doing it themselves, or doing nothing.

By mastering these seven steps, you are ready to go back to the beginning, rework your sales strategies and how you deliver your pitch, in order to influence a speedy a favorable decision. These practical sales tips will keep you from falling prey to the seven deadly sales sins. Most importantly you will increase the effectiveness of your message and reduce the amount of time and money spent on chasing leads and sales.

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