Does Your Company Website Answer These 7 Questions?

To compete you need a website. I think that most entrepreneurs get that. What many do not get, however, is how to let your company website do the...

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To compete in today’s global marketplace, every small business needs to have a website. I think that most entrepreneurs get that. What many do not get, however, is how important it is to let your company website do the heavy lifting for you.

This simply means, you have done your due diligence to ensure that once a user lands on it, they will take one of two distinct actions: sample your products or services via a free offer or buy something.

Oftentimes, I complete random website audits, just to see if today’s service-based entrepreneurs have websites that can actually get them business (i.e. we use this as a way to create “cold call” opportunities).


The problem with many small business websites is that they:

  • Are not easy to navigate.
  • Are filled with useless information.
  • Don’t demonstrate expert status.
  • Don’t include a free offer for list building.
  • Don’t have full contact information in the event a user wants to contact them directly.

This presents a large opportunity for small business owners to learn how to create a company website that can add value and encourage trial or purchase. But how can you get to that point?


Consumers Want To Know

A company website should answer these seven questions, that are often present in the minds of consumers, to improve conversions:


1. What problem do you solve?

Remember this universal law of business – “Find a group of people who have a problem you can solve that are ready right now to pay for a solution to the problem.” At the end of the day, if you are not problem-focused, you are leaving money on the table.


2. What is your ‘incredible factor’?

What is your competitive advantage? Why should I choose you over your competitor? These questions are essential in the minds of your prospects. If they cannot discover the answer to this question quickly, upon arriving at your website, they will click away before you can say “I’m unleashing my ‘incredible factor’.”

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