10 ‘Shareworthy’ Video Production Agency Secrets Revealed

Everyone has a different definition of what constitutes a “viral video,” but here’s a quick list of the ten most important tips to get started.

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6. Plan your online video distribution.

Brand videos can’t make themselves viewable any more easily than TV ads, radio ads print or billboards … initially. You pay to play. The difference is that once they’re out there, they can be shared easily and it’s all free. Seed the videos via blogs and publication outreach, influencers and build social media support.


7. Plan social media support.

Is your social media strategy optimized for online video? Will your videos live on YouTube and be embedded on Facebook? Are they searchable? How will you handle comments? Where else will the videos live and be shared? Are you concerned with lots of views on one video or an aggregate of views on the same video across several video sharing platforms? How will social media play into your “call to action?”

Work with a social media agency that will optimize your video sharing strategy across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr. Seed the same online video out to other video sharing sites as well and optimize for search. Reinforce your “call to action” frequently to remind viewers what you’re selling and what you want them to do about it. Prepare to live comments!


8. Plan public relations support.

Are you planning a press release that features the videos prominently, or are links to the videos down near the bottom as an aside to the wider campaign announcement? Will there be top tier and niches specific blog and publication outreach?

Give your online videos their own focused spotlight. Include links at the top of PR communications and let journalists know exactly what they’re clicking on, why the videos are relevant to their readers and why they should be excited to share them.


9. Build in brand identity and recall.

After watching your online video, what percentage of people remember the message? What was it selling them on? What was it letting people know about? If your brand’s online videos are only intended to get people to take an immediate action, it may not matter. Otherwise, what will viewers remember about what they watched?

Make the creative so unexpected and memorable that they won’t care how heavily branded it is. Go for transparency, but make it good and shareworthy.


10. Set up metrics, review analytics and optimize.

How will you measure the success of your branded online video? Will your metrics include: views, social shares, online mentions, or contribution to the overall campaign? Have you allowed for adjustments based on viewer and online feedback, or is this a “one and done?”

Use analytics and feedback to learn what’s working and what’s not. You’re marketing to a moving target so you also have to keep moving too. Experiment. Take chances and have fun.

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