Top 15 Small Business Hiring Mistakes

Hiring employees is one of the main challenges entrepreneurs face. So, we asked entrepreneurs to reveal the top hiring mistakes small business owners make.

Hiring employees is one of the main challenges entrepreneurs face. So, we asked entrepreneurs to reveal the top hiring mistakes small business owners make.

Avoid making these fifteen mistakes at all costs:


1. Don’t forget to conduct a background check.

“There’s a lot more room to go wrong when a company fails to do background checks. For example, a candidate can be a hardworking individual, but his personality and interests may negatively impact your existing workplace chemistry. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to take the time to check a candidate’s background during the hiring process.”

– Michael Pesochinsky, Co-Founder of GovernmentBargains.com, @GovBargains


2. Don’t be cheap.

“The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is that they try to save pennies by opting for lower quality [employees]. In order to delegate effectively, they need to hire the right people, and the right folks cost more money.  But in the long run, a great employee will save your company money.”

– Zaheer Dodhia, CEO of MycroBurst, @MycroBurst


3. Don’t hire people just like you.

“Do not hire candidates just because they’re very similar to you. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of hiring individuals because they like the same sports teams, or went to the same college, or because they share the same home town. Focus on what skills they would bring to the company in order to see if they are well-suited for the job.”

– Nick Moller, President of USB Memory Direct, @usbmemorydirect


4. Don’t forget to gauge their company culture fit.

“A common mistake is hiring someone who fits the requirements, but not necessarily someone who fits the culture. Résumés only tell a fraction of someone’s story. A great way to find the right person for your company is to have candidates submit a video to show you why they’d be a good personality fit with your team. Job skills can almost always be taught. Personality, however, can’t.”

– Carisa Miklusak, CEO of tMedia Strategies, @carisamiklusak


5. Don’t neglect the power of data.

“We rely on genetic assessments to define behavioral and cognitive traits and match candidates to jobs that they’ll naturally excel in.  We then conduct “Choices-based” interviews to gauge natural curiosity, integrity, resilience and commitment to excellence.  With the right data, we can predict who will excel.”

– Jeb Stewart, COO of Predictive Group, @PredictiveGroup


6. Don’t forget to look for passion.

“Hiring has to be a personal experience; it has to be anything but a process. Of course, you will have your technical evaluation to filter out the candidates. If you don’t show passion about your business, it’s unlikely they will show it either. And at this stage, what you’re looking for is passion and excitement.”

– Rahul Varshneya, Co-Founder of Arkenea Technologies, @rahulvarshneya


7. Don’t hire solely on past experiences.

“[Never] hire employees based on their past experiences. It’s more important in today’s world to be a fast learner and to be familiar with the latest productivity tools. The world has drastically changed and businesses are now more unique and custom.”

– Harjit Chana, CMO and COO of Digital Storm, @DigitalStormPC


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