13 Brilliant Marketing Tips to Reach Ideal Customers

Thirteen entrepreneurs and business leaders share how they've found marketing success.

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Customer development can be one of the hardest tasks for any business. A major component of attracting ideal customers starts with targeted marketing. So we asked thirteen entrepreneurs and business leaders to share how they’ve found marketing success.

Here’s what they had to say:


1. Sponsor an event to create buzz.

“Sponsor a convention where the participants can use your new product. You can talk to potential buyers, answer their questions so they truly understand how wonderful it is. Then for the rest of the convention, those initial buyers will create word-of-mouth buzz.”

– Katie Hughes, PhD, CEO of Slip-On Dancers, @katiehughes


2. Develop an brand image, online.

“It’s imperative that small business owners not only invest in, but also understand the importance of, developing an online image and how to connect with online resources that are available for branding and marketing purposes. There are new marketing channels out there that are minimal in expense and easy to learn, and small business owners should never underestimate what it takes to build a channel to reach their target audience.”

– Chris Rothey, CEO of Radiate Media, @radiatemedia


3. Share samples or free trials of your product or services.

“Give a sample of your services or products away for free. It may seem counter-intuitive to give things away for free, but in truth it’s one of the most powerful marketing [strategies] out there. Once people sample how amazing your free offerings are, they will be lining up at the door to buy from you.”

– Cailen Ascher, Founder of CALMbiz, @cailenascher


4. Focus on customer satisfaction.

“Clearly define [your] goals. Going above and beyond expectations generates customer satisfaction, which essentially translates into repeat business for your company.”

– Mitesh Patel, Founder of Lenstore, @Lenstore


5. Create online videos of real customers.

“Create [an online] video of your clients getting real results. Most of my clients are men who want to skyrocket their confidence with women, so I record them approaching women, having a great conversation, and getting phone numbers.

– Chau Nguyen, Founder of The One Who Gets It, @datingcoachchau


6. Get to know your ideal customers.

“Interact with those who you would like to target. By understanding their wants and needs, you are able to reach them in a way that is useful for them.”

– Christopher Weck, Owner of Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company, @sinfulsweetspgh

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