13 Brilliant Marketing Tips to Reach Ideal Customers

Thirteen entrepreneurs and business leaders share how they've found marketing success.

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7. Find out where potential buyers hangout.

“Define your target audience and learn were they have a presence (hangout) online and offline. In a digital world, most people forget that there is also a real world to market too, and it is quite effective to build momentum for your startup.”

– Andy Price, Founder of 1000 tshirts, @1000tshirts


8. Build offline relationships.

“When it comes to marketing, face-to-face communication might be a bit old school, but for Swiftwick it’s still one of the most effective ways to market the company. The result has been a loyal and dedicated following for [us].”

– Mark Cleveland, CEO of Swiftwick


9. Optimize, analyze, optimize and repeat.

“Never settle on current performance. Keep learning and always continue testing new creatives, messaging, and [advertising] placements to continuously maximize your ROI, reach, and overall efficiency.”

– Eric Schechter, VP of Marketing at Skynet Aire, @EricSchechter


10. Remember, it’s not all about your business.

“Most entrepreneurs make it all about themselves, their company, their products and services, why they are so great etc. That is a fatal mistake. Assuming you have a quality product or service, you should invest your time and effort in understanding your customers and then focus on helping them to the best of your ability. That’s how businesses are built.”

– Sharif Khalladi, Founder of Complexant, @sharifkhalladi


11. Write marketing copy that speaks to one person.

“When your potential clients and customers are reading your marketing copy, they’re usually sitting by themselves at a computer, right? Create a profile for your dream client — the person you would love to do business with — and write for that one client. Make them feel like they are the only person in the room. When we feel like someone’s speaking directly to us, it’s a natural instinct to respond.”

– Nikki Elledge Brown, The Communication Stylist, @nikkielledge


12. Constantly remind yourself of your target audience.

“Once you have identified your target audience it is good to give yourself a constant reminder of who they are. For example, [if you plan to target] a female, 20 to 40 years-old, then print a picture or two of females within this age range and place them next to your computer. Then with everything you do, from [content marketing] to [promotions], pretend that you are doing this directly for the people in the pictures. This will help keep you laser focused on your target audience.”

– Jon Rhodes, Owner of Affiliate Help, @JonRhodesUK


13. Use Linkedin InMails.

“I’d say that at least 80% of [press hits] about Bitrix24 (i.e. Forbes, PCMag, PCWorld, ZDNet, etc.) were the result of InMail enquires. And probably at least 50% of our biggest leads were the result of using LinkedIn InMails.”

– Dmitry Davydov, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitrix24

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