5 Creative Ways to Find and Hire Great Employees

Successful small business owners should always keep their eyes open for fresh new talent. Here are five ways to locate and hire the best job candidates.

Great employees are hard to come by. Successful small business owners should always keep their eyes open for fresh new talent. However, once you begin recruiting new hires, you may be faced with limited options and resources. If so, here are five creative ways to locate great employees:


1. Search out charity events.

“I find great employees at the charity events that I frequently attend. I find quality people at these events and every so-often I meet someone who mentions to me that they’re looking for a job in my industry. If so, I bring them in for an interview. This is how I have found three of my current employees. Other than that, it’s people who my employees have highly recommended that I end up hiring. Every other method of hiring for me has been too vague.”

– Mayer Dahan, CEO of Dahan Properties: @mayerdahan


2. Always network when recruiting.

“Sometimes the best employee matches for your company come from direct referrals from friends, colleagues or industry peers. If your company is seeking new employees to fill job openings, ask your friends if they know anyone who can be a good fit. Candidates you find through your connections are in a way already pre-screened (i.e. if people you trust already approve of them, there’s a good chance they’re worthy of the job), as opposed to completely random applicants you may get from job posting sites.”

– Ian Aronovich, CEO of GovernmentAuctions.org: @govtauctions


3. Conduct a Facebook Graph Search.

“Our #1 place to find employees is by using Facebook Graph search.  We found (and hired) one of our top programmers by searching “friends of friends who majored in computer science” on Facebook search. With users no longer able to hide from Facebook’s Graph Search, this makes the tool so much more valuable to recruiters. Facebook search will play a major role in our future recruiting efforts.”

– Miki Segal, CMO of JMAC Supply: @msegal3


4. Use Online Hiring Software.

“[The Resumator, an applicant tracking, social recruiting and hiring software], has significantly streamlined how we accept resumes. We no longer have to open hundreds of emails and attachments. Instead, all of the emails filter right into the software, all in one place, where we can all collaborate with comments on the new hire interviews. It’s been a major time saver.”

– Logan Hale, Owner and Creative Director of V3 Media Marketing: @V3MM


5. Checkout college job posting sites.

“My number one place to look for new employees is on local college job posting sites. The process is an easy one; all you have to do as an employer is upload a description of the position you are trying to fill, a description of your company, and let any job seekers know what you’d like to see from them and how to contact you. I’ve done my research on which colleges produce the best grads in the area, and now we have a couple people in the office from those surrounding schools that have never done us wrong so I keep coming back!”

– Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.com: @MyCorporation


How have you found great employees? Let us know in the comments section below.


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