7 Online Video Marketing Tips for LinkedIn and Tumblr

Here are seven tips on how you can leverage both of these powerful social platforms to fuel video marketing efforts.

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LinkedIn and Tumblr are two of the most popular social media channels in the social sphere. At the same time, they are probably two of the most overlooked platforms as far as marketing strategies are concerned.

Many business owners are creatures of habit, opting for the trendy route, which usually leads to them pouring the bulk of their marketing budgets into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever has been identified as the flavor or the month. While these mainstream social networks are great, the perennial afterthoughts like LinkedIn and Tumblr can be just as effective, especially when it comes to video marketing.

Many business owners may be surprised to learn that both LinkedIn and Tumblr provide extensive support for online video content. Here are seven tips on how you can leverage both of these powerful social platforms to fuel video marketing efforts.


LinkedIn Video Marketing


  1. Mix videos into your stream.

    The handy status update box is the easiest way to share videos on LinkedIn. Simply add the link as an attachment or paste it right in the box. The key is maintaining a steady balance. Videos will be a nice change of pace for connections who are accustomed to your text-based posts.

  2. Use attractive stills.

    A key ingredient in successful video marketing is presenting your content in an attractive package. This is relatively easy to accomplish when you choose a compelling still image for your content. Video has a way of garnering attention, but it needs some help in the form of a quality static image that will make potential viewers want to click and start the player. Before even sharing your video on LinkedIn, make sure it is presentable on the surface.

  3. Give it a blurb.

    Sometimes, a compelling still image is all it takes to convince someone to click and watch your video. Other times, it takes a bit of clever pitching. I highly recommend complementing your video with a quick blurb that describe the contents of that appealing package. Keep in mind that this blurb doesn’t have to be anything too complex. A quick sentence or two that lets the viewer know what they are in store for will usually suffice.

  4. Leverage the company page.

    LinkedIn Company Pages are similar to Facbook Pages, yet arguably even better when considering how they are designed to highlight the core elements of your organization. These pages are equipped with the update box, but they also have a “Products and Services” tab that comes in handy for video. Treat visitors to product demonstrations, interviews, educational material or other relevant content they may find valuable.

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