6 Awesome Ways to Improve ‘Virtual’ Company Culture

Learn how to invest your time and money into creating a happy virtual workforce.

Is there a magic formula that makes work feel like joy, happiness and fun all rolled into a single cupcake you can munch on all day long? You bet there is. It’s called company culture — talking and walking. 

As a virtual company that employs 20 people across the country, at Round Table Companies (RTC) we learned the value of investing time and money into our company culture. Helping individuals and companies connect to their audiences through storytelling, brilliance and joy are two of our core values — and they cannot be achieved without a highly connected workplace … caring for one another and setting a tone that empowers people.

Since our inception in 2005, we have discovered six keys to improving company culture in a virtual business:


  1. Focus on Joy

    Above all else, let joy guide you as a leader. When you spread joy by example, it will infuse itself into the fabric of your business. In application this means filling your day with what you love and hiring people to handle everything else. Every time I grew to dislike an aspect of my business, I found someone who loved it.

    For example, when I hated scheduling appointments for our writers and illustrators, I hired someone who loved to organize things. When I grew tired of managing our financials, I found someone who loved crunching numbers. When editing manuscripts no longer fulfilled me, I found a lover of words. In each of these cases, I found someone who built their life around loving a specific role so I could continue to fill my days with the joy of creating. That power is yours.

  2. Put Family First

    When family needs to come first, let it. Every time. No questions asked. As a company owner with two dogs and no children, this one took me a while to grasp, but it has allowed for tremendous growth. In fact, nearly half our staff is made up of part-time, stay-at-home mothers and fathers who are highly educated, ridiculously reliable and organized beyond measure. They add incredible value to our work and will cover for one another in the blink of an eye, creating an entire support network to ensure goals are met.

  3. Recruit for Culture Fit

    We love our staff. Seriously. Love them. That means that we empower them to take risks, catch them when they are falling, cover them when family needs to come first, push them to overcome their own inhibitions, and celebrate with them when they create greatness. When looking for new hires, we first ask, “Could we love them?” Everything else falls into place if we’re honest in how we answer that question.


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