Social Selling: 9 Quick Tips To Build A Thriving Facebook Audience

There is no such thing as get-rich-quick social media success—especially if you want to establish yourself as a lasting brand with integrity and substance. People know sleazy when...

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Here are more practical ways to engage your growing audience one post at a time:


  1. Post a picture.

    Images boost engagement. “Photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post (HubSpot).” Images with quotes are even better. Create an image with a quote with online photo editing tools like PicMonkey or Canva then add your web address and upload it to each Facebook post.

  2. Hit the 80 characters sweet spot.

    Keep it short, but not too short. A recent study indicates that “posts with 80 characters or fewer received 66% higher engagement.” But don’t write a book.

  3. Punctuate your posts.

    Did you know that posts with question marks perform 23% better? See what I did there? #Hashtags garner 60% more interaction. Even something as simple as an exclamation mark does 2.7% better! So, add punctuation to get #results!

  4. Always link to your website.

    Link to your company blog posts. Write at least one great company blog post a week and use it as your status update during peak traffic times. Got a blog post that you’re particularly proud of? Write one compelling blog post a week and boost that post for just $10 a week. That’s lunch money well spent.

  5. Share online video.

    Is there a helpful YouTube video that will help your audience? If so, share it.

Follow these simple steps every day for 12 months and then look back and see how your Facebook audience has grown. Building on a foundation of integrity, your business will earn a good reputation and a loyal audience who will happily buy your products or use your services.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Mark Jay Scott is the founder of Love Your Edge. Mark has been a writer and speaker for nearly 20 years, formerly as a radio personality for a major market FM station in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region where he produced and hosted two weekly programs, Real Life Matters and Essential Radio; and excelled in copywriting and voiceover production for a wide variety of commercial advertisers. Mark loves to help people succeed by motivating them and showing them simple and practical ways to love and keep their productive edge in life and business. Connect with @markjayscott on Twitter.

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