PR Expert Reveals Why Entrepreneurs Should Manage Their Own Brand Visibility

In today’s hyper-connected world, being able to effectively manage your own PR is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have if you want to set yourself apart.

Photo: Nathalie Masse, founder of Critical Masse, co-founder at PROPEL5; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Nathalie Masse, founder of Critical Masse; Source: Courtesy Photo

It’s becoming more prevalent to see solopreneurs (i.e., one person businesses) and small business owners grow revenues to six and even seven-figures with minimal staff requirements.

In fact, statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau confirms over 30,000 “non-employer” firms brought in between $1M and $2,5M in revenues in 2013; up from 27,000 firms in 2011.

What’s behind this trend? What enables lean businesses to grow revenues exponentially while relying on limited staffing resources? Two factors can explain this phenomenon:


  • Technology

    The Internet is one of the most powerful tools for solopreneurs and small business owners. It surpasses geographic frontiers to connect customers, products and services in a click. It also enables entrepreneurs to find, and engage with, their ideal customers.

  • Leverage

    Entrepreneurs are rapidly learning how to leverage infrastructure. Business owners who are quick and dedicated to leveraging technology can fuel business expansion and have a better chance at growing revenue while remaining lean. They see past the industry jargon and focus on real results. Indeed, the very nature of entrepreneurs as dreamers, doers and people who leverage their skills and the talents of others is a key contributor to this trend.

PR is no different. In today’s hyper-connected world, being able to effectively manage your own PR is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have if you want to set yourself apart.


Visibility in the Crowd

Managing your own PR starts with engaging different audiences and tapping into word-of-mouth.

Marketing, PR and overall multi-channel communications (i.e., interacting with potential customers on various platforms) will grow your customer-base, attract funding and position your brand expertise in a crowded market. All of these things are required to grow a lean and profitable business.

So, before discarding PR due to a lack of budget or dedicated resources, have a closer look at four reasons why there’s no one better suited than you to get visibility for business:


  • You’re the only person who can really communicate your passion.

    Good stories sell. Period. If you can articulate—with passion—the reason why you’re an entrepreneur and how you’re helping people, others will listen. They’ll want to hear you talk about it and they’ll want to establish a direct and meaningful connection with you. This includes the general public and members of the media community.

  • Reporters prefer to connect directly with entrepreneurs.

    That’s right! Reporters prefer to engage directly with entrepreneurs and business owners because it gives them direct access to information without a filter. This is great news for you as an entrepreneur because it enables you to build relationships with the media that will serve you, and your PR goals, in the long run.

  • Finding and connecting with reporters is now easy than ever.

    Today, it’s relatively easy to find media outlets that cover your industry and market. All you really need is a search engine. You can find key contact information for TV, radio, print and digital publications on their own website or via social media. Reporters have embraced 140 characters as a key way to break and share stories. Most reporters and journalists even post contact information on their profile.

  • Industry bloggers and local publications are a powerful entryway.

    As an entrepreneur, you have to be realistic about how compelling your story actually is; it may not be ready for mainstream, but it can pick up traction with the right approach. Reporters at top tier publications are busy looking for the next big scoop. So, consider getting in contact with other influencers that you can actually help. Identify local publications and industry bloggers. Build relationships with credible influencers, whether they are local or industry-related. It can do wonders for your business.

Technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs to grow their business while remaining lean, but with this new opportunity you should embrace every opportunity to learn and lay the foundation.

Gaining visibility requires work that may take you outside of your comfort zone. While it might be overwhelming at first, a few minutes a day is all you need to implement a sound PR strategy that will help you achieve your objectives.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Nathalie Masse is a communication addict at heart. She held management roles in leading corporations and counseled Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, while working at top New York headquartered PR agencies before founding her firm Critical Masse. She also co-founded PROPEL5 to empower entrepreneurs and small business owners to create value-driven PR and marketing programs. Connect with @CriticalMasse on Twitter.


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