Hire A Mobile App Developer That Is Both Crazy And Qualified

While most entrepreneurs think their mobile app idea is game-changing, a successful app takes collaboration.

Developing an Android or iOS mobile app is a laborious, time consuming process. You have to select the launch platform, web architecture, coding and what user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is best. And that’s just the beginning!

As an appreneur it can be hard to know just what an app needs to be successful. Anyone can come up with a great idea for a mobile app, but teaming up with a great app developer has become increasingly more important.

With so many mobile apps being created every day, the right app developer can help add that extra something that makes your app launch successful. Everyone wants to reach that elusive 1 million download mark; starting with high quality design and a different perspective is a good way to get there.


Finding the Best App Developer

It can be incredibly difficult to find the right app developer. Obviously, a developer should be qualified but, having a developer who is “a little out there” can also be extremely beneficial. Out of the box thinking can lead to innovations that never would occur to a play-it-safe developer. It’s the kind of thinking that can lead to creative and highly successful apps.

When picking the right dev partner there are certain things an entrepreneur should look for. Here’s a look at seven characteristics you should look for in a qualified—and crazy—app developer:


  1. The Questioner

    An app developer who questions everything is a must! When a developer questions very basic assumptions it shows he or she is thinking about the basic foundation. Asking the right questions at the right time (even if they seem batty) is an essential quality in an app developer.

  2. The Disruptor

    Being disruptive is a wonderful thing in the app dev world. The tech market is forged in the idea that there can always be a better way of doing things. A disruptive development firm may seem off-putting, but innovation thrives there. Someone who thinks in curves, while everyone else thinks linear, can change the world and create a killer app.

  3. The Veteran

    Hire a dev partner who knows the business. Ideally, a good developer can provide business advice based on past industry experiences. For instance, a good developer is very familiar with marketing strategies including SEO and social media marketing. Hiring a great development team is wonderful, but prioritize a partner who knows the entirety of the business.

  4. The Vetted

    Examine a developer’s portfolio carefully for design, functionality and your specific needs. Contact past clients to determine qualifications and skill level. Try out some of the apps they have previously built to see if they are user friendly.

  5. The Skilled

    Finding a developer who claims to be experienced and capable is one thing; finding a developer who can actually deliver is an entirely different story. Clearly, as an appreneur, you’re looking for a dev partner because don’t have the time or desire to learn how to build an app yourself; however, it behooves every smart entrepreneur to have a basic understanding of the language.

    For instance, does the dev firm have UI and UX experts? Are they capable of integrating the new app with existing, legacy software? What code do they use, and why? A “crazy” developer may throw out standard practices, but they should know why they’re taking a different approach – and that approach should meet industry standards.

  6. The Talker

    Communication is key! Don’t be afraid to demand weekly communication. It’s okay to not understand a revolutionary approach, that’s why developers exist, but it’s not an excuse to ignore why an approach is being used.

  7. The Closer

    Make sure that the scope of work offered can actually be delivered. Can your new app developer produce what is promised? Most importantly, can it happen in a timely manner?

Hiring a qualified app developer is one thing – most dev firms can easily provide qualifications. However, great app developers think differently. People that are often labeled as “crazy” have revolutionized how the world thinks. Generally thought insane by their contemporaries, disruptive thinkers toss out old ways and create new possibilities.

While most entrepreneurs think their mobile app idea is game-changing, a successful app takes collaboration with a dev partner who is willing to take risks and change the rules.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Sakshi Sharma is a mobility strategist at Software Developers India, an app and web development firm located in Silicon Valley, California. Connect with @SoftwaredevIn on Twitter.


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