4 Ways To Convert Sales Calls Into Actual Sales

More often than not, when I’m discussing sales calls with clients they all say the same thing—I hate them and no one ever buys.

Photo: Jane Willmott, online business coach; Source: Courtesy Photo
Photo: Jane Willmott, online business coach; Source: Courtesy Photo

More often than not, when I’m discussing sales calls (i.e., strategy calls, discovery calls, etc.) with clients they all say the same thing—I hate them and no one ever buys.

However, sales calls don’t have to fill your days with dread and they don’t have to end in disappointment, either. Here’s a look at four things I’ve learned to turn a dreaded sales call into a successful sale.


  1. Change your mindset.

    Many business owners don’t like sales calls because they look at them all wrong. They view the sales call as having to ask someone for money to work with you. Although that’s ultimately the transaction, it’s also the wrong perspective. Flip it around.

    You’re not asking a prospective client to reach into their pockets for nothing. They’re on the phone with you because you have something they need. Whether it is a particular service or specialized knowledge, you have what they need—you have the solution to a problem they’re desperately trying to solve. Change your mindset around the value proposition of your next sales call. It will make you feel a lot better!

  2. Quit talking so much.

    A sales call isn’t about you ceaselessly talking for 30 minutes. If you find yourself talking more than listening, then you’re going about it all wrong. In order to have a successful sales call you have to understand the clients’ needs and wants and to do that you have to listen.

    One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is to constantly talk and talk and talk. It’s as if they think they have to talk and convince to get a successful outcome and that’s just not the case. Listen more than you talk. This allows you to guide the call from there and adapt your pitch to what you know they want and need.

  3. Don’t coach and coerce.

    I know you think if you give away all of your highly valuable information a prospective client will have an epiphany about how amazing you are and buy. Generally, this is an unlikely scenario if you go into coach mode on sales calls. To get a successful outcome you have to foster an environment of enticement and excitement.

    When you sprint into coach mode on a call excitement is there, but it’s a different kind of enthusiasm. It’s the thrill of, “Well, I have everything I need and you’ve been great! Thanks. Bye!” Yes, you’ll get some nice posts about how amazing the call was, but it’s unlikely it ended in a successful sale. You have to keep clients in a place of excitement, but that thrill should come from knowing that, with your help, they can get those results they’ve been dreaming about.

  4. Forgo information overload.

    When you overload someone with information it’s really difficult for them to process it all in a short time period. Don’t forget: you want a future client to make a decision and take a specific action. If you’ve overloaded someone with way too much information they go from thrilled to overwhelm.

    If you’ve listened to what they’ve said, you don’t need to overload them with every single detail. Details aren’t the deciding factor. Instead, the clincher is whether you’ve conveyed the big result they will get from working with you.

Don’t fear sales calls. Be yourself and remember the key points and purpose of the call. Engage and build a relationship with your future client and you’ll be acing those sales calls in no time!


This article has been edited and condensed.

Jane Willmott is a successful business consultant who works with online business owners worldwide, she works with them to help create strategies that enable them to rise up become the go to expert and have clients banging down the door to work with them, by achieving this her clients are then able to hit their big income goals and live out the life they dream of.Recently, Jane has decided to lift the lid on the strategy behind her clients 10k days and she’s created this free guide to do just that. Connect with @womensbusinessa on Twitter.


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