6 Key Hires For Your Startup

Here's a look at six key hires that can greatly support a growing small business.

Every small business begins as a one man, or one woman, show. Yet, as you grow, you’ll need to hire and delegate different responsibilities.

You don’t have to take all of the burden onto your shoulders. Instead, make careful and strategic hiring decisions to maximize business results. Here’s a look at six key hires that can greatly support a growing small business, in random order.


  1. Software Developer or Engineer

    Many of today’s startups, that plan to incorporate technology, will require the help of a software developer or engineer. A software developer is useful for database management, website creation, computer games, open source software, apps, business solutions and more. A software engineer will assist with larger, more complex software needs.

  2. Product Lead

    As the founder, it is important to remain committed to optimizing your product to achieve business goals while maximizing return on investment. Would you consider yourself a subject-matter expert focused on maximizing business value from your product or service? If not, hire a product manager who fits the bill. A product lead will own the product vision and roadmap, stay on top of the competition and tap into customer insight and feedback to understand what they want.

  3. Brand Marketer

    Once you have identified core products and services, hire a skillful marketer to target the right customers and develop campaigns to drive awareness and support sales. A marketing expert can articulate your business vision through the most appropriate messages and channels.

  4. Salesperson

    Once you have ready-to-ship products in your hands along with a marketing plan, this is the right time to hire or outsource sales. You don’t have to hire a a large team of sales representatives; instead create a sales plan, identify sales goals and staff accordingly.

  5. Customer Support

    Handling customer support can become labor intensive as you try to cope with service issues, complaints and queries. If systems are not in place, customer satisfaction decreases as post-sale activities are left unresolved. Initially you may tackle customer service on your own, yet at some point it will benefit you to hire a dedicated resource, or outsource the role entirely.

  6. Accountant

    Accounting is an important aspect of business operations. It may seem easy to go at it alone, but there are qualified and trained small business accountants that are well-equipped to help you manage the financial health of your business. An accountant can come on board as an independent contractor or part-time employee. As your business grows, hiring a full-time accountant to maintain accounts, prepare financial reports, research and analyze accounting data can contribute to your team’s success.


This article has been edited and condensed.

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