5 Content Marketing Hacks For Small Business Owners

Content marketing is here to stay. Marketers would be wise to consider a few great content hacks when ramping up their efforts.

The goal of marketing is to grab the attention of your audience and drive sales. Whether you want people to follow, click or buy, marketing success is best measured by actions.

Measuring audience reactions becomes more difficult as time goes on. New and different marketing methods make customers less responsive to old ways. On the Internet, these changes happen faster than ever.

The newest big thing, content marketing, seems to have redefined Internet marketing. Content marketing turns away from the tricks played by more traditional types of Internet marketing. By definition, it is providing content. Unlike the old days, this is not just run of the mill content. It needs to be valuable.

Content marketing is here to stay. Marketers would be wise to consider a few great content hacks when ramping up their efforts.


1. Create a content strategy.

Although hacks are clever little tools for bypassing busy work and getting right to the heart of the task. A hack still needs to be a part of a wider, planned strategy.

Content marketing has helped marketers reach new heights of awareness. Yet, everyone still needs a well-thought out plan for the content they want to produce and distribute. The more organized your content strategy is, the easier it will be to implement.


2. Make your content valuable.

By definition, content marketing has nothing to do with article spinning or old SEO methods. Creating value is important if you want your content to mean anything to your customers.

 A good rule of thumb is to ensure every piece of content is relatable, reliable and relevant to your target audience.


3. Make it shareable.

Shareability is incredibly important in content marketing because much of your reach is determined by organic engagement. When your content is valuable, people will naturally want to share it with their friends. The easier it is to share your content; the more people will do so. The more people share; the more people see what you’ve created.

Then take a look at which content performed the best with social analytics tools like BuzzSumo. Use those insights to inform your content strategy.


4. Don’t forget your CTA.

A great piece of content should make readers want to perform an action. But that does not mean you don’t need to ask them to do it.

 A call-to-action (CTA) is still your best weapon. Now it is even more effective because valuable content already makes people want to act, whether that’s offering home repair tips, business blogging ideas or something else of value. Make sure to integrate your CTA into every piece of content and let it flow naturally.


5. Engage with influencers.

More big brands are working with influencers. The year of the influencer is upon us. 

Influencers can be anyone. Long gone are the days of Hollywood celebrity endorsements.

Engaging with influencers helps to creatively influence your content by providing fresh, new perspectives. It also keeps your content relevant with readers.

Your customers want to connect with you and know that you like the things they like. Not only will you pique customer interest by working with influencers, they can also teach you about your own marketing strategy and what resonates with your audience.

Content marketing sounds a lot harder than it actually is. However, using a few content marketing hacks can compound your efforts and helps you get the most bang for your dollar.


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