The No.1 Reason Why You’re Screwing Up This Whole Entrepreneurship Thing

As the years go by, I watch so many of my peers start and stop, and start and stop, and I have also born witness to those who...

Photo: Katherine Saer; Credit:
 Heidi Hapanowicz Photography
Photo: Katherine Saer; Credit:
 Heidi Hapanowicz Photography

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this topic, let’s get one thing straight.

Starting your own business is hard. There’s nothing easy about it. You’re putting your heart, soul, and income on the line.

As the years go by, I watch so many of my peers start and stop, and start and stop, and I have also born witness to those who succeed.

The difference?


And I don’t mean business courage. 

I mean emotional courage. Scoff if you will, but hear me out on this.


Are you fully connected?

As I have watched people start companies, I noticed that if it was for the wrong intention (i.e., money, fame, etc.), they failed. If it was for the right intention (e.g., helping people by saving lives with noninvasive breast cancer procedures), and they didn’t have enough courage in their hearts, they failed.

Those who, however, decided to choose courage and truly connect with themselves, and follow their heart’s desires, always won.

Sure, for some, it may have taken them a year or few to get on their feet. But as a result they are generating 6 and 7 and 8 figure incomes annually.

What’s the difference?

When you decide to connect with your higher self (i.e., your purpose, vision, mission, etc.) and your heart’s desire (i.e., your passion), your path becomes clear. All of a sudden there is opportunity where there wasn’t before. All of a sudden, you begin to glow. And you don’t stop glowing. And people want a part of that glow.



They may not be able to pin it down in words – but they recognize you. And they say, “Hey! I’ll support you! I’ll give you the funding you need,” or “Heck yea I am in! Where do I sign up?”

See, when you think people aren’t taking notice of your actions (or inaction), actually, they are recording all of it into their mind, like data input into a computer. Sure, it may sound like crickets for a while, but when you are fully connected, and operating in your genius zone, the people around you will stand up and acknowledge you for your hard work.

What does this mean?

It means if you want to succeed at your startup, you had better start from the inside out … cleaning out your emotions.


Starting from the inside out

If you get on the track of feeling all of those emotions you don’t want to feel, and healing your inner child, and listening in and meditating to receive answers, the world comes to you.

If, on the other hand, you decide, consciously or unconsciously, that you are worthless and no one should pay you, well then, you’ve set yourself up for it. You might be wondering, “How do I know, if it’s unconscious?”

Well, for starters, look at your income and your business growth.


  • Has it been stagnant, or has it been growing?

  • Is it growing at the rate you want your business to grow?

  • Are you thriving or surviving?


These are key points to consider. 

It does take a lot of work, and for many this takes years. But please don’t be discouraged.

Count your blessings, continue to give even when you feel like you can’t, and always stay on track. Remember how long those blocks have been there, and go easy on yourself.

Those who practice the most self-care see the highest results. Case in point: Oprah Winfrey, who has a net worth of $3 Billion. Tony Robbins’ net worth is at $480 million. Deepak Chopra’s net worth is $80 million. 

The list goes on.

So, get connected, work through your old stuff, and have a great launch. I’ll see you on the other side.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Katherine Saer, a Medical Intuitive, helps people just like you heal from chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and wounds from toxic relationships. 

After personally overcoming 7 autoimmune disorders and decades of toxic relationships, Katherine is here to share her wisdom and advanced skills.

 Katherine has coached hundreds of people in their health, love lives, career, and helped them move into gratitude, and towards abundance. Connect with @katherinesaer on Twitter.


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