Marketing Your App? 6 Common Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to mobile app marketing, focusing on how to "get there" is important. Here's a look at six common mistakes entrepreneurs make.

We all make mistakes. And the majority of our learning comes from our mistakes. Well, at least for people who are willing to learn.

People that don’t have a growth mindset make mistakes without analyzing their steps, and they usually repeat them. In business, a learning mindset is essential; seeking to understand and make connections between ideas. It ensures that you take a proactive approach to improve your strategies. “It makes no sense to focus on performance if you’re not focusing on how to get there.”

When it comes to mobile app marketing, focusing on how to “get there” is important. Here’s a look at six common mistakes entrepreneurs make.


Mistake #1: Marketing is an afterthought.

Many entrepreneurs don’t consider app marketing strategies until they’ve developed their app. This is the absolute pinnacle of all mistakes. The quality of a product is just as important as the ability to market it properly.

A lot of app developers can get mad when they hear something like this, but this is a fact. No matter how good your mobile app may be, you won’t be able to sell it you don’t build awareness and reach potential users. Always consider marketing strategies alongside app design.


Mistake #2: Promising what your app can’t deliver.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations. Some marketers over promise app benefits and features to make more sales. 
The opposite affect could take place – you may attract a couple of sales, but once users see they’ve paid money for something that doesn’t fulfill expectations negative reviews can cause ratings to drop and you will end up spending more marketing dollars to change perceptions.


Mistake #3: Ignoring App Store Optimization (ASO) .

Many appreneurs get hyped because of the size of the app stores where they plan to sell their app. Although an app store may have a large community (hence, many potential customers), the reality is your app can easily go unnoticed. Similar to search engine optimization (SEO), app store optimization will make your app highly visible when searched.


Photo: Google Play
Photo: Google Play

“To ensure your apps feature in search results, you will need to make sure that it is optimized with well-researched keywords. As the number of downloads for your app increases, the app store will begin to list it on featured and top apps lists. So, in addition to all sorts of mobile marketing tactics, app store optimization must be done.” Without this you will lose a lot of sales.


Mistake #4: Deciding not to research competitive apps.

Once you develop a mobile app you’ll be eager to launch it in app stores. However, the way you present your app is important. If there are similar apps on the market (and they are performing well), you will have to analyze their performance.

If you don’t know your competition and create a unique position within your space, you won’t give users a compelling reason to download your app. Explain how your app is better (or different) from the competition. Share app features that make it stand out from the crowd.


Mistake #5: Neglecting your target audience.

Before you launch your app make sure you know your target audience (i.e. ideal customers) well enough and understand their challenges, needs, and expectations. Many appreneurs stick to demographic segmentation (e.g., age, gender, family size and life cycle, etc.) but there is much more to it.


Photo: © nenetus, YFS Magazine
Photo: © nenetus, YFS Magazine

Consider psychographics (learn more about their personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles). When you understand more you can share a story that resonates with them and reveals why your app is essential. Perform market research and reach out to people through informal surveys. Ask important questions, look at competitive complaints and see where similar apps have failed.


Mistake #6: Marketing your app without a data-driven strategy.

Many appreneurs and app developers use a certain marketing channel based solely on their instincts. Many things in business require pure instinct, yet continued success requires data.

App marketing strategies must be data-driven. Furthermore, useful marketing channels can quickly lose their effectiveness. This is why it is important to collect valuable data before releasing your app.


Marketing a new mobile app successfully can be a difficult process. Start with a thorough plan that outlines all of your strategies, channels, and resources. Meanwhile, don’t forget to measure your marketing results, so you can understand the weaknesses in your approach and correct them in the future.


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