5 Tips To Stay Fit And Survive Sitting In Your Office All Day

When you conduct business in a home office or work primarily at your desk or in a coffee shop, it’s often hard to offset the negative health effects...

When you conduct business in a home office or work primarily at your desk or in a coffee shop, it’s often hard to offset the negative health effects of sitting all day.

However, blaming your hectic work day for a lack of focus on your health and well-being is not the best solution. is a common excuse said by many. If you are dedicated to physical fitness and want to stay in shape there are ways to undo the harms of sitting at a desk all day.


1. Eat nutrient-rich, calorie snacks on-the-go

Nutrition is vital for fitness, as it helps build muscle
 or lose fat. This is an important step in keeping your gains, as the right nutrient
 intake makes a big difference. When it comes to keeping in shape, your muscles require large amounts of energy to
 both stay as they are and to continue improving under your training regime.

Energy is acquired through eating calories, preferably from highly nutritious sources, as these will not add body fat in the right amounts. The
 problem many people face is that unless you’ve installed a healthy vending machine in your office, such foods are not readily available.

You can fix your fit food lunch problems by bringing healthy
 meals and snacks. If you bring enough to last throughout the day, you will not be tempted by less healthy food choices available at local restaurants.

You don’t even need to use a fridge if you plan ahead. If you don’t have a fridge in your office space, simply bring dried fruits and nuts, peanut butter, protein
 bars and powder, dark chocolate and plenty of water.

Many of these snack items come in useful portable varieties, such as cups of peanut butter, which offers a great source of calories and protein that your body will
 appreciate. These nutritional sources will help hydrate your muscles and give you bursts of energy to keep going through the day.


2. Remain active during the work day

It is not as easy to workout in your office, especially if you’re in front of a laptop all day, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Why not do push-ups, steam engines and other simple exercises during your breaks?


Photo: © UBER IMAGES, YFS Magazine
Photo: © UBER IMAGES, YFS Magazine

While this might look strange to your employees, it’s an effective fitness tip and can help promote a company culture of health and wellness. Other possible exercises include regular active stretches. These will help keep your tendons and joints loose. Not only will this help keep you in shape in
 its own way, it will also prepare your body for training after work, if this is how your routine ends up operating.


3. Maintain daily fitness motivation

One of the biggest problems with sedentary work environment is that after a long day, dealing with the demands of entrepreneurship can easily diminish your motivation.

If you need a way to restore and improve your motivation, try appreciating the progress you have made so far. Comparing yourself to an older photograph can also provide another strong visual cue.

Find what motivates you and build up the willpower to get through an intense workout, even if it lasts around 30 minutes or so. What’s important is that you don’t give up.

Another method is to keep your body active and full of energy before you reach the gym. A cup of coffee is a prime example of this, as it can have more
 than 75 mg of caffeine inside. This will boost your physical and mental energy. Furthermore, you can even consider pre-workout supplements, including whey protein, to prepare for the gym while at the office.


4. Keep a consistent fitness schedule

Entrepreneurship offers you more flexibility in comparison to an employee 9-5 work schedule. This means you can easily set your own workflow rhythm. Determine which days are best to incorporate more physical training.


Photo: © Dirima, YFS Magazine
Photo: © Dirima, YFS Magazine

Use workout schedule apps to help achieve your fitness goals. For example, The Workout Plan app lets you create and manage your own set of exercises for the future with a variety of repeating schedules.


5. Promote a #fitspo company culture

Starting a business has its advantages including the ability to create a company culture that aligns with your ideals and core values. Share fitness inspiration with your team members and offer group activities that promote health and wellness. Having support
 throughout the day helps to keep everyone active and motivated.


Ultimately, it is entirely possible to stay fit and improve your body while managing a demanding workload as an entrepreneur. If you have enough motivation, you can easily stick to a workout routine, while
 bringing your own food into the office will help support muscle maintenance and growth.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Demmy James is a fitness buff, strength and conditioning specialist and content contributor with Muscle & Strength. He is constantly looking to inspire and motivate through his writings. Connect with @Muscle_Strength on Twitter.


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