10 Important Things To Remember About Social Media Marketing

At the very least, you can spread the word about your brand, which ultimately means reaching more people, and (when done right) can translate into sales.

If you are running a small business, online or offline, there are plenty of things you can do to boost your income and grow your business. But, one of the most cost-effective tools in your online marketing toolbox is social media.

Creating a social media presence won’t cost you a dime, but you will be able to do so much. At the very least, you can spread the word about your brand, which ultimately means reaching more people, and (when done right) can translate into sales.

But, there is more to it than that, which is why you need to check out these 10 social media tips to ensure you’re on the right track.


1. Analyze your target

Being active on social media for business can be an extremely time-consuming endeavor. You can save time when you pinpoint your audience, so you don’t waste time on people that are never going to turn into leads or customers.


2. Choose the right social platform

For instance, if you own an arts & crafts business, you will have a hard time generating sales on Vine or Snapchat, where 60% of Snapchat’s users are 13 to 24 years old. Similarly, 63% of its audience are 18- to 34-year-olds. Instead, you would be better off showing off your craftiness on PinterestInstagram and creating an account on Etsy, where people can actually see and purchase your products.


3. Provide something of value

One of the pitfalls of social media is that most people think of it as a means of free advertising, but there is so much more to it than that. If you only focus on the advertising angle, you are not going to find much success because people are tired of traditional ads. Instead, they respond to relevant content that represents a solution to a problem.


4. Welcome social feedback

Social media is a two-way street, meaning that you should take the time to review visitor comments and messages because they can provide you with a keen insight into their problems. That way, you can tailor your social media message to better suit their needs, or simply get great ideas for your content.


5. It’s about the people

We are not just talking about creating a stronger relationship with your audience, but also with some of the more successful and influential people in your industry, which is also known as influencer marketing. Getting on the radar of the influencers can help you build credibility very quickly, and currently, it is one of the most effective strategies used by small businesses everywhere.


6. Make your platforms shoppable

If you are the most active on certain social networks, make sure they are shoppable. For example, if you’ve found traction on Instagram use Like2buyFeedshop, or Foursixty and make it easy for customers to buy from Instagram by connecting engagement with Instagram videos and images to traffic and revenue – instantly.

You can also create a Facebook shop with apps like Shopial and others that allow you to sell directly from your page. It’s a good idea to reach people where they are and enable shopping when it’s convenient.


7. Be consistent

If you are producing high-quality content on a regular basis, not only will you develop a loyal audience that will keep on coming back, but they will also perceive your brand as reliable and trustworthy, which is not something that can be easily bought.


8. Share different types of content

Some of your audience may respond better to curated articles and blog posts, while others may prefer compelling quotable images or even videos. While you should not aim to produce every type of content imaginable, find out what receives the most engagement and mix it up.


9. Use social media analytics tools

There are plenty of social media analytics tools available nowadays which can help you analyze what works and what doesn’t work. Also, analytics can help you profile your target audience even further and refine your posting frequency, timing and more.


10. Don’t overlook incentives

Whether it’s loyal customers, or someone really close to buying your product, everyone likes something that’s good and unexpected like a discount or freebie. Work these types of promotions into your social media campaigns and watch your audience stick around much longer.


As you can see, social media is a powerful tool to promote and grow your small business, and boost your income as a result, instead of just serving as a means of entertainment and distraction. Start applying these tips today and enjoy all the benefits only social media can provide.


This article has been edited and condensed.

Mary Kleim is an author and a small business co-owner. She is also one of the co-founders of assignment help service AssignmentMasters, a professional writing service dedicated to providing help to students struggling with academic writing. Connect with @assignmentscouk on Twitter.


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