Smart Event Planners Do These 7 Things Really Well (And Clients Love Them for It)

Here’s an inside look at 7 things the world’s best event planners do really well to create extraordinary experiences.

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There is no denying that organizing an event can be difficult. Whether you’re planning a conference, trade show, seminar, customer or product launch event – managing the myriad of details is not easy. Your goal is a satisfied client. Consequently, end-to-end event ownership and orchestrating all of the moving parts with an exceptional degree of quality control is crucial.

Here’s an inside look at 7 things the world’s best event planners do really well to create extraordinary experiences.


1. Define and deliver on the client’s vision

A good event planner will help clients refine and deliver on their vision. Creating an event that emotionally influences and actively shapes attendee perceptions of the brand is paramount. “It all starts with what the client wants guests to leave the event feeling or having experienced,” says Hamilton A. Sneed, Principal of Dallas-based HAS Events, an event management and marketing firm. “What do they want guests to say when they think about their brand after the event is over? That’s the goal you set, and every element of planning and creation is defined by that goal. From the first impression (i.e. the invitation) to the food and beverage programming, through entertainment and experiential elements.”


2. Secure event RSVPs with ease

Ticketing and event registration is always a challenge – even more so if you don’t run a tech savvy operation. Relying solely on social media RSVPs to estimate headcounts doesn’t cut it. Entrepreneur Jessica Gaffney built a 15+ year career working with sophisticated clientele in sports, entertainment and hospitality and realized these challenges first-hand. Gaffney created Wavework App with event organizers in mind. This fall, the app is rolling out an end-to-end, one-stop, full service tool for event organizers to engage attendees, from ticketing to post-event analytics and everything in between. Getting people in the door requires creativity and the right tech to ensure money isn’t left on the table.


3. Find the perfect event space at a good price

The space sets the tone for the event. Finding and coordinating with venues takes skill. The old-school method of scouring the internet for venues and reviews is tedious and time consuming. Wavework App takes the guesswork out of the great space-meets-affordability conundrum. The next version release, slated for by the end of 2016, will provide event organizers key data on preferred venues and vendors. Organizers will be able to easily search for venues in their city of choice, check out photos, read reputable reviews and event contact the venue straight from the app for a site visit, all with the tap of a button.


4. Stay organized and cover off on all bases

Managing pre-, during- and post-event logistics takes skill. Without a detailed, actionable plan, even the most qualified event organizer is unlikely to meet deadlines and keep everyone happy. This is where mobile technology, like Wavework App, can play a pivotal role. By using Wavework Apps’ customized dashboard, organizers will have access to real-time event information. The app will alert attendees throughout an event with targeted push notifications. Organizers can also engage live with attendees and post helpful information like the Wi-Fi password, point of contact for assistance and reminders.


5. Plan for the unexpected

Successful event planners are preemptive problem solvers. Call them hiccups, speed bumps, or detours – something is bound to go off plan. The best event organizers are those that improvise and change course on the spot to ensure a seamless event experience. Mapping out “just in case” scenarios will make sure you’re equipped to handle whatever is thrown your way. “Events large or small comprise a number of different types of guests – the paying guest, staff, vendors, venue, and of course, the client. Keeping everyone happy at the same time is often at odds with the requests some guests require, which can add some stress to the job,” says PJ Hoberman, Co-owner of Two Parts, a Denver-based event planning company. “Overcome this stress by planning ahead, thinking about all the scenarios […] and smiling the whole way through!”


6. Run end-to-end ownership

A skilled organizer orchestrates all moving parts of an event with the elegance a world-class New York Philharmonic conductor, requiring a high degree of quality control. To-do lists and mental reminders, be gone – mobile technology like Wavework App is about to put relevant information at your fingertips to help prioritize and stay on schedule whether you’re in the office or walking the floor. Direct message attendees for a personal touch or instantly respond to matters that have been posted on the app’s feed. This kind of ownership delivers the precision required to make all parties move in harmony – involving many, operating as one.


7. Stay in touch with post-event follow-up

When, how and who you follow-up with makes an impression. The post-event phase can be the difference between securing your next event and missing out on repeat business. The difficulties faced gathering attendee contact information for feedback are easily resolved with event management technology. Wavework App is going to allow event organizers to manage communication with guests via email, in-app messaging and pop-up surveys, and push notifications – either during or after the event. Easy access to real-time data and in-app survey features will prove invaluable when it comes time to analyze metrics and evaluate the ROI of an event. With Wavework App, you will also have archived access to all attendee lists and event data forever, helping you to start off your next event ahead of the game.


“When you are a great planner and things appear to go well, the clients are shielded from ever knowing what the challenges were,” says Brooke Sheldon, President of Lilybrooke Events. “I get paid to worry and make decisions for my clients. I want my clients to know that they got their money’s worth and then some.”

People-powered technology decreases the worry factor by keeping everyone happy and enhancing live event experiences. Wavework App enables end-to-end ownership of your events giving you the tools you need to orchestrate every moving part and make event magic happen.


In Collaboration with Wavework. It’s not who you know. It’s who you don’t know. Download Wavework App now and start making the most of every event. Available on iPhone + Android (Google Play).


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